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There are two types of people in the world of poker – those who don’t like Phil Hellmuth and those who absolutely hate him.

Phil Hellmuth holds the unofficial title of the biggest trash-talker in poker, which has earned him the nickname “Poker Brat”.

You would think that having such a reputation is bad, but in Hellmuth’s case, it’s just the opposite. He doesn’t seem to care and he’s got 20 million reasons not to care.

Thanks to being a “Poker Brat” he has managed to make more than $20M, as well as collect 15 WSOP bracelets, more than any other player.

His portfolio as a professional poker player is nothing short of spectacular. Still, talking about his professional achievements is definitely not as interesting as the talk about his emotional outbursts.

Trash-talking his opponents, freaking out, and storming off are just some of the things that earned him his nickname.

Pro Poker Player, Jonas Gjelstad, reveals who he thinks are the good and bad players on the All-Time Money List on the Hendon Mob Poker Database.


Pro Poker Player, Jonas Gjelstad, reveals who he thinks are the good and bad players on the All-Time Money List on the Hendon Mob Poker Database.

Sure, he’s become famous by being really good at playing poker. However, Hellmuth has also become a YouTube celebrity because of his meltdowns. As one YouTube user put it, it is way more fun watching him losing than winning.

There are plenty of YouTube videos out there showing Hellmuth completely losing it. Sometimes his meltdowns end with him screaming and yelling at his opponents. Sometimes, his meltdowns culminate with him leaving the table.

As there are hundreds of videos with Phil Hellmuth being “bratty”, we’ve decided to narrow it down for you. So, here are a couple of videos that show the poker style that’s made him famous.


Phil Hellmuth prides himself on being an expert when it comes to psychology. He uses his skills to gain an advantage over his opponents at the table. However, sometimes his psychological tricks don’t go as planned.

This video above shows him setting up a trap for Liv Boeree, which fails spectacularly. Losing a big pot causes Hellmuth to go off on a rant, not just about the game he’s playing but also about millennials.

The young generation does not understand how deep he is. If only his opponents were wiser, he would be even more successful that’s Phil’s logic for you.


Hellmuth is famous for being the one who laughs at others, not the other way around. He loves being a bully but hates being bullied. When he gets bullied, his reaction is that of a small child.

As you can see in this video, Hellmuth turned from a bully to a crybaby in a matter of seconds. It only took one hand to cause him to totally freak out.


Everything is fine and dandy when he is winning. But when he is losing, things often turn nasty. This YouTube video shows him doing pretty well at the start. However, the final hand of the night then turns into a scenario from hell.

His opponent Alan Keating does not do what Hellmuth anticipated him to do. As a result, things go south for the Poker Brat and he explodes.

Of course, in his rampage, Hellmuth is not blaming himself for things not turning out the way he wanted. On the contrary, he blames Keating for making what he thinks was a “wrong move”.


Everyone knows about Hellmuth’s bad temper. It’s become common knowledge in poker circles, with even big poker companies like PokerStars making fun of him for being a sore loser. The video you see above was made by PokerStars, who wanted to make the ultimate compilation of the best Poker Brat meltdowns.

In addition to all those outbursts still available on YouTube, we also feel the need for discussing some of his meltdowns that aren’t talked about that much. For instance, Hellmuth went on a really long rant while playing against Adam Levy at the 2008 WSOP.

He did pretty much the same when he played against Cristian Dragomir, Howard Lederer, Tom Dwan, and others. One particularly interesting incident happened when he played another poker legend, Phil Ivey. After getting felted repeatedly, Poker Brat decided he had enough of it. He quit the game with Ivey and stormed off.


That’s what’s written in his biography on Amazon, which is where he sells his books. There are currently seven titles authored by Phil Hellmuth, all of which are non-fiction as you would expect from a professional poker player. However, not all of them are poker-focused, some of those are dealing with human psychology.

His books are available in paperback, but also in the e-book format. Some of them are even available as audiobooks narrated by the man himself.

Apart from writing books, he has also been active in making instructional videos on how to play poker the right way. For instance, he is the man behind Phil Hellmuth's Black Belt Poker Course, which you can watch on YouTube.

The videos teach you how to play poker and win, focusing on the psychological side of the game. If you’re wondering where Hellmuth's fascination with psychology comes from, the answer might lie in the fact that his wife is a psychiatrist.

His wife Katherine Sanborn is a big name in psychology, currently teaching the subject at Stanford University. The couple have been together for more than two decades, currently living in Palo Alto, California, in the area known as Silicon Valley.

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