What is the Point Spread in Betting and how does it work?

The Point Spread is a concept very similar to the Asian handicap. It exists so we can create more even odds between teams that are separated by their quality.

It is represented like this +3.5, +5.5, +7.5 or -2.5, -4.5, -6.5. It can also be represented with a whole number +3, +4, +5, +6 or -3, -4 ,-5, -6.

Imagine a game between the LA Lakers and the Golden State Warriors. You place a bet on the Lakers with a spread of -7.5, so if they win with a scoreline of 8 points or more then you have won the bet.

For example, a scoreline of 122:114 wins the game, because when you include the point spread, the Lakers have won by more than 7.5 points: 114.5 to 114.

But if the game ended 121:114 then you would lose your bet because the score would be 113.5:114, when the point spread is taken into the equation.

Alternatively, if you placed a point spread of -7 on the Lakers, things would be a bit different, especially if the game ended with the Lakers winning by exactly 7 points.

In this situation, you have a draw and therefore your bet will be voided and your stake is returned to you. In summary, the Point Spread is basically the same thing as the Asian Handicap, just without the quarter goals.

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