Live Q&A With Pro Sports Bettor And Trademate Sports Owner Jonas Gjelstad

We had a 1 hour and 47 minutes long live Q&A with our own Jonas Gjelstad, where he answered questions that you guys sent in. Here are some of the questions:

How do you make your money betting, and what is the strategy?

  • I make my money betting on soccer in the Asian markets, that’s what been profitable to me. I don’t wanna reveal all my strategies as it’s just gonna lead to people doing the exact same thing as me, and move the market before I get in positions to do the same. So, for that reason I’m not going to reveal my strategies.

But they are value bets?

  • Yeah.

Do you usually make detailed research before matches, or do you simply rely on your instincts?

  • I’m not the one who’s setting up, or doing the quant work my self, so let’s call it instinct!

What books do you recommend reading to improve your understanding of the sports market and becoming a professional bettor?

  • I haven’t read too many books myself, it has kinda been like learning by doing.

Maybe the Trademate Sports e-books?

  • Well yeah, that’s a good way to start!

How do I regularly get profit from football trading, and which is the best market to trade at? I struggle to look and find the edge on markets, and how do you know the market has an edge? I’ve been trading for two years, I have won trades, increases my bets and then blow my bank. I need a solid way to trade, please help!

  • Okay, it sounds like you’re increasing your bet size too quickly to start with. Going up with a more conservative staking would be a good way to start, it seems like you always seems to be winning and then you blow it, I think the easiest way to find value is Trademate, if you’re able to access soft books there is no easier way to make money on sports. I would love to go back to the soft books again and be trading at 365, Unibet, Betsson and all those sites.

Are you not worried the edge would disappear? This is my biggest concern with your service, if I had an edge I would never have give it away.

  • I’m not really worried, cause if the soft books change their way of running business, that ultimately means I will be able to bet with them again. I will have more of a playing field than what I have right now, which is just Asian books and exchanges. And also I don’t know if it’s only down to Trademate, but if that’s the reason why their changes (their way of running business), and that we’re being the one that revolutionised that side of the betting industry would be kinda cool! I’m not losing anything by giving it away, since I’m not able to bet there anyway.

This is from the Oddshero Matched Betting community; How do I deal with bonuses that require very huge roll over requirement? Let’s say 10x the deposit amount.

  • Ever since I started out, I was betting for decent amount of money. So, turning over a bonus requirement was really not an issue for me. However, With the markets you have access to, I would probably just stake a bit higher than what’s recommended. Put the filter into 1.6 to 2.0 in odds, maybe even 1.8 as your minimum odds, and yeah, just give it a spin. It’s free money basically, so you can take a big bigger risk on that.

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