A Review of What You Get from Trademate Sports

Hi, my name is Jan. I’ve been using the Trademate Sports software for quite a while now.

Today I want to do a review of the Trademate Sports product as I’m very convinced of the product and because I’m loving all the cool features the software has to offer.

In this review I don’t want to focus on all the numbers, facts and figures or how much money you can earn ­by using Trademate as this really depends on your bankroll and volume of trades. Plus, I think there’s a good review concerning this at Church of Betting.

In this review, I want to concentrate on the user interface in general and simply why I love using the Trademate Sports software as a customer and as a sports trader. The software has many nice features I want to mention now because I really like them a lot.

First, I’ll cover how I started using Trademate. I’ve been into sports betting for some years now. In the beginning, I was the typical small stake, high odds accumulator bettor. I’ve put together bet slips with lots of teams hoping one weekend I’m going to win the jackpot. Of course, this didn’t happen.

After some time of losing money, I tried a couple of different strategies, like progressive staking ones, but I wasn’t happy with all of them. One and a half years ago I began to study Business Informatics and I got more interested in statistical analysis and prediction models based on numbers and probability.

One day I was watching some videos on Youtube and I came across the documentary series of Jonas Gjelstad. I was fascinated. Immediately after watching this I searched for Edgebet, which already had become Trademate Sports. I was looking around a while and then I wanted to get more information about the value calculation and the software, so I registered.

What I think is one of the most important things to mention is the great customer support you get from the Trademate team. There are plenty of videos describing the software and the different plans you can buy. You can get help within minutes using the chat support and the team is even willing to do a short skype to show you around the software.


Going on with things concerning the purpose of the software there are several features I want to mention. The main screen of the software is your own dashboard. It gives you an overview of your balance, your fund growth, your number of trades, your profit, your open turnover and so on.

I really like switching to the dashboard from time to time to have a look at how much money I have in play at the moment or to see how I’m performing at different bookmakers. But one of the coolest features of the dashboard is the overview of trades traded by the community.

I really enjoy seeing what others bet on and how much they are staking and at which bookmaker they find value. It gives you the feeling of a big team, a community of sports traders, being transparent to each other, even though you don't know whose trades you see. It´s just interesting to see that there are lots of different players with huge differences in stakes and odds types interest.

I have to add that I also really like the slack group every member can get into. It’s nice to see how energetic the community is, trying to help anybody who has got a question or an issue concerning sports trading.


At the ´Tradefeed´ section of the software, you can edit your very own presets determining which kind of values you want to be shown.


The Tradefeed is where all the value bets pop up and you can register the trades so it can be analysed by the analytical part of the software.

What is good about it is that you can edit your personal presets (filters) to show the bets you are interested in. This means that you are not going to be shown every single value bet you’re not interested in because of the odds, league or something else.

Most of the time when I’m getting up in the morning, coming home or when I’m just relaxing on the couch I open up my laptop and head to my ´Tradefeed´ to see if there are any interesting value bets.

The cool thing is that I can do other things at the same time. The ´Tradefeed´ section has some nice features that let your work with Trademate very easy and unstressed. You don't have to sit in front of the screen all the time and you don’t have to look on the ´Tradefeed´ for hours because it has the feature of playing a sound on a new trade. You can decide which presets should play a sound and which ones shouldn’t.

Having the feeling you are not working while you’re trading is great because you can do other things at the same time, like watching TV, surfing on other websites or whatever you want to do and you still get to see every single trade by just looking at your ´Tradefeed´ when you hear a sound.



There are even desktop notifications on new trades you can turn on or off.


desktop notification

All this makes trading with Trademate rather easy. You just head to the website, it shows you which team to bet on, you head to the bookmaker, place your bet, register it at Trademate and you’re done. You don’t have to do any further analysis. It’s like an insider knowing what is going on in each game, giving you the right information and in the long run, you’re making money.

I always think of the “Sports Almanac” of the film “Back to the future” while working with Trademate. Of course, it’s not the same because the Trademate software is not going to tell you who will win in each game, but that’s not the aim in sports trading.

The aim is to find value and this is what the software is doing in an admirable way. Of course, you have to consider that you must try to only place bets which are +EV (positive expected value), but if you manage to do that you will make money in the long run. And like I said, Trademate makes identifying these games so easy for you.

I think the whole software is just so user-friendly and I would assert that anyone can do sports trading using the Trademate software. Even if one is completely not into sports betting, into trading, into bookmakers or into sports at all.

I like the design of the website in general. It looks so clean, structured and organised. It gives me a feeling of trust into the whole product. For me, it definitely exudes reliability.


Switching to the ´MyTrades´ section, it’s good to see the odds, the edge and the closing line edge and the net return at a glance. I like it because you can look your last trades over in no time without having to click at every single trade first to see it.


Another feature I like is the possibility to search for certain trades like you can search for ´Premier League´ and you are going to be shown all trades you made on games in the Premier League.

Last but not least, I love working with the analytical part of the software. The analytical part is the big plus of Trademate Pro. Heading to the ´Analytics` section you can see your expected value compared to your closing expected value and your average edge placed compared to the average closing edge at first sight.


What I like the most is that it’s not complicated to do an analysis of your trading performance. Again it’s very user-friendly, nice structured and clean design which makes it super easy to get an overview of your performance and your statistics.

There is a chart showing your net return, your expected value based on the time you placed the trade and your expected value based on the closing line. For me, it’s a very nice feature that by running over one of the curves with your mouse it shows you every single bet that has the curve made go in a specific direction.


Considering the ´Stats breakdown´ part I really like the straight comparison of the average true closing odds together with its probability of success and your hit rate. You can immediately see if you´re running lucky or bad at the moment because, of course, over time your hit rate should even out with the average true closing odds.

closing odds


The heart of the ´Analytics` section is the customisable settings part. You can edit a personal analytic preset so that you can filter your results. The charts immediately adapt to your preset and you can go deep into analysing your trades having all your statistics clearly arranged.

That’s my personal opinion of the Trademate Sports software. I hope I could show you which characteristics I love while working with it. Again in my eyes, the product makes it so extremely easy for you to place good value bets on the sports you love by having a very attractive user interface. Just form your own opinion of it by trying out the offered 7 Day Free Trial. It’s definitely worth it.

I hope you enjoyed reading a personal opinion of a user of Trademate Sports.

Goodbye and have fun trading.

- Jan

After I wrote this article the Trademate team reached out to me and offered me a freelance position at Trademate, where I will do some marketing, writing and customer support for Trademate. I really like this product, so being able to work with it is something I’m looking forward to!

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