Sports Betting with Trademate – The Perfect Side Income or Side Hustle

For many, the Coronavirus outbreak has been an awful time financially, with many people losing jobs and businesses failing. To the more proactive and enterprising members of the public, the pandemic has highlighted a key flaw in the conventional attitude towards work and money: the lack of importance given to multiple income sources. This recognition should serve as great motivation to find new income streams beyond a single job – and by reading this article it will be clear that one can been found in Trademate Sports.

To begin with, as opposed to other ventures, the requirement of specialist knowledge is minimal when value betting with Trademate. Despite the knowledge of why the software is profitable being quite important, no knowledge of any sport or statistical model is necessary; it is a simple process of doing exactly what the software says. All it takes is a quick read of our blog or e-books; or looking at the simple example of betting on a coin-toss where there is a 50% chance of winning or losing.

Imagine betting on a coin toss with a friend and they say; “I will give you $10 if it lands on heads, but you only give me $5 if it lands on tails.” This is a great way to begin understanding how Trademate works and how you can make money by taking value bets. Check out this article to really nail home this concept!

Furthermore, the ease with which Trademate can be implemented into a routine is unparalleled. For stay-at-home mums or dads, the software can be running on a computer throughout the day to be used whenever there is a spare moment. For students, whenever there is time between working and going out, the software can be accessed and trades can be placed swiftly. For those who are relaxing after work or during weekends, the software can be running whilst watching a series on Netflix. We recommend spending at least 10 hours a week trading, which can be comfortably achieved by everyone mentioned above. Effectively, trading can become a part of anyone’s life – regardless of their circumstances… all it takes is a push from within to get started.

Regarding the longevity of betting as a side income source, we like to call it a ‘journey’. You could begin with risk-free matched betting with the help of Oddshero to help build up a bankroll starting with as little as 100 EUR (which could then be continually used as another side income source for those who want less risk). Then, once a recommended bankroll of €2,000+ has been built, we suggest moving onto the Trademate Core product version, which gives access to value betting signals for 90+ soft bookmakers. With a sufficient volume of bets placed - and by following the suggestions discussed in our blog to avoid account limitation - the Core version should provide consistent income for a good amount of time, after which it may be worth checking out the Pro version.

All things considered, for anyone searching for another source of income, finding Trademate is like finding a treasure chest. Consider yourself lucky that you are reading this article!

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