Week 0: My Sports Betting Journey with Oddshero & Trademate Sports

Hi, my name is Alex and I work for both Oddshero & Trademate Sports.

You may have seen me before during my My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k with Trademate Sports. If not, you can watch it here.

This time around, I’m going to do something very similar, except with the addition of Matched Betting with Oddshero!

The aim of this video series is to show everyone how you can start your Sports Betting Journey by doing Matched Betting with Oddshero, and then once you’ve turned over all of your sign-up bonuses, you can move on to Value Betting with Trademate Sports.

To get the most out of Trademate Sports you need to start with a higher bankroll than with Oddshero, so it’s the perfect next step after Oddshero!

Check out Alex's Week 0 video here, where he shows how to set up an Oddshero account and his results with Trademate Sports so far.

Every week, Alex will post a video and article, outlining how he went during the previous week, along with some tips to help you out with your Sports Betting journey.

To find out more about Trademate Sports and Value Betting, read this article.

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