How to do Sports Betting and Trading in the Netherlands | Taxes, Laws and Bookmakers

This article discusses the legal aspects of sports betting in the Netherlands, and some of the best bookmakers to use.

How to do Sports Betting and Trading in Germany | Taxes, Laws and Bookmakers

There are a few aspects you should be aware of before starting your gambling adventure in Germany. This article covers the relevant legal constraints that apply to you as a value bettor, as well as a collection of handpicked bookmakers we recommend.

How to do Sports Betting and Trading in Spain | Taxes, Laws and Bookmakers

Sports betting is huge in Spain. Some analysts even say the Spanish market is bigger than that of the home of online sports betting, the United Kingdom. As an example, €5 billion were bet in Spain in 2017, an amount that has not stopped growing every year.

How to do Sports Betting and Trading in Canada | Taxes, Laws and Bookmakers

Canada has its own set of laws concerning online sports betting that all citizens must follow. As these laws can be confusing, we’ve outlined the essential aspects concerning you as a sports trader. We’ve also included a list of some recommended betting sites available to Canadian bettors.

Which Bookmakers You Can Use In Your Country

We have made a list of the most popular betting countries in the world and a list of every single bookmaker you can use from your country with our softwares.

How To Do Sports Betting in Finland

How to do Value Betting in Finland? Is betting legal in this country and are there any taxes you have to pay? Find out all the answers here!

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