The Mistakes Experienced Bettors Make When Analysing Hedging

Experience is a tricky thing. It builds up a valuable internal measuring stick that we call “intuition,” and that helps us decide between the right way to do something and the wrong way. But, the best way to learn new things (and to constantly improve) is by questioning.

Matchday 1 Narratives Are Garbage

I find Matchday 1 of any competition the greatest metaphor for sports betting. The amount of narratives that form from a sample size of one game is so interesting.

Sports Betting Psychology: How To Deal With Bad Runs

Psychology plays a huge part in all forms of gambling. Winning at sports betting is no easy task and the psychological factors just make it even harder. Unfortunately, variance is an unavoidable part of gambling. During this article, we will explore the best ways to deal with bad runs.

How Pro Sports Bettor Matthew Benham Led Brentford to Premier League Promotion with Data & Betting Principles

Most sports bettors will have heard of [Matthew Benham and his story]( and how he used statistical models to make millions from sports betting.

Gnoming - How I Use My Friends Betting Accounts Once My Own Accounts Have Been Gubbed?

In the case you want to continue using your favourite bookmaker, you’ve probably thought about using someone else’s account. Some people refer to this as ‘Gnoming’ or a ‘Gnome account’ in the gambling and matched betting world.

How to Beat the Bookies with Accumulators & Help Your Account Life | The Neutral Hedge Gambit

What’s the only thing better than finding a great value bet that gives you massive expected value, while taking back some of the profits from the bookies? Finding two or three of them!

Top 10 Football Tipsters

An insight into the Top 10 Football Tipsters recommended by Trademate Sports.

Jonas Gjelstad: A Professional Sports Bettor

For the ones who don’t know Jonas Gjelstad, he is a Norwegian sports bettor, former professional poker player and most importantly, the founder of Trademate Sports. He’s been profiting from sports value betting since January, 2015. Here is our documentary series of Jonas, along with his interviews with NRK and much more!

"The Odds Millionaire" - An Interview with Jonas Gjelstad by NRK, Norway's Largest News Channel

Gjelstad decided to take revenge on the bookmaker industry. Today, the 26-year-old lives in one of London's most exclusive regions, and has been referred to as the "Robin Hood" of sports betting.

Matthew Benham: Brentford FC & Matchbook Owner, A.K.A. Moneyball in Football | 10 People Who Got Rich From Sports Betting

Although Matthew Benham states that he dislikes the comparison between himself and the movie ‘Moneyball’, let’s be honest, he’s about as close as it gets! Benham is the owner of current English Premier League side, Brentford FC, and Danish club FC Midtjylland. It is during his time at both these clubs that the Moneyball man has established himself as a unique character in the football world.

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