Five Betting Scandals That Shocked The World

Betting and scandals, sadly, go hand in hand. Where there is cheap money to be made you can take it to the bank that certain individuals will operate outside the “norms” in a bid to line their pockets. Naturally, those in a position to take advantage of certain scenarios are the actual participants and there is no one better placed than sportsmen and it is, therefore, no surprise that most of the major betting scandals involve said sportsmen.

Five Times When The Bookies Got Smashed Including a 573,286/1 Beauty

It is an eternal battle between the bookies and punters and generally speaking, the bookies come out on top, however, there are occasions when punters get the upper hand and win in style. Bookies are not omnipotent, they do make mistakes and as Trademate Sports have proven, they can be beaten on a regular basis providing you identify an edge.

Brentford FC og Midtjylland Eier Matthew "Moneyball" Benham | Topp 10 Personer Som Ble Rik På Sports Betting

Selvom Mathew Benham påstår at han misliker sammenligningen mellom han og filmen ‘Moneyball’, så må vi være så ærlig å si at de to er så like som man får det! Mathew Benham er for øyeblikket eieren av den engelske Championship klubben Brentford FC, samt den danske Superliga klubben FC Midtjylland.

The 8 Biggest Betting Underdog Winners Including a 5000/1 Beauty

Sports is full of shocks, that is why we love it so much, the outcome is never certain regardless of who is participating. The same applies to betting, favourites do not always win and depending on the actual sport you can get a 10/1 favourite winning or a 1/50 favourite winning, however, by the same criteria, 1/50 favourites do lose and outsiders at odds of 5000/1 emerge as the victors.

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