Common Betting, Matched Betting and Casino Abbreviations Explained

Learn what common betting, matched betting and casino abbreviations mean, together with other frequently used terms and phrases.

Betting Odds Explained

Learn everything there is to know about betting odds, including things like how they're set and how they change over time.

What is Advantage Gambling?

What is advantage gambling and how to make use of it to earn big profits? Keep on reading to find out the answers!

What is the Asian Handicap?

The Asian Handicap is one of the most popular forms of sports betting and is a must know for anyone who wants to start Matched Betting.

What is ‘Dutching’ in Match Betting?

Find out what dutching is and how to use this method to get the most out of your matched betting adventure.

What is ‘Arbing’ in Matched Betting?

Find out what is ‘arbing’ in matched betting and whether it can bring more profits your way!

Is Matched Betting Gambling?

Find out why matched betting is not gambling and why this betting method can bring nice profits your way!

What is the difference between Bonus Bet, Cover Bet and Lay Betting

Learn more about the three different types of sport bets ALL Matched Bettors should know!

How to do Matched Betting on Football?

Want to learn how to do matched betting on football? If so, you're at the right place!

Beginner’s Guide to Lay Betting

What's lay betting, how to make lay bets, and how to use them for matched betting? Learn everything you need to know here!

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