Trading Europe Live Video Series | Finding value on the European bookmakers

Watch Trademate Sports CEO, Marius Norheim, beat the European bookies week in week out live!

Week 3: "Live Trading with Trademate & Oddshero"

Watch Alex in Week 3 of his Sports Betting Journey with Oddshero and Trademate Sports where he does some live trading with both of the softwares.

Week 2: "Crazy Variance & a 35% Edge" | My Sports Betting Journey with Oddshero & Trademate

Because I was a bit busy last week, I wasn’t able to give you all a weekly update, but here are my results from the last fortnight. I was able to turnover two bonuses with 888Sport and Mobilebet, giving me approximately $300 in profits from Matched Betting.

A Lesson Learnt Through Sports Betting

Bookmakers make their money by having a margin on each game. This gives them an edge over players as they price their odds lower than what they believe to be the underlying probability. So in order to be profitable in the long term, one needs to find an edge in your favour that is larger than the bookmaker’s edge (their margin).

$5k to $20k: The Journey To Becoming A Professional Sports Bettor

Matias is a Norwegian sports bettor, who tells the story about his journey to becoming a professional bettor. Matias started out playing poker, knowing little about sports betting. He started using Trademate Sports 1.5 years ago and now he has made a solid secondary income from sports betting, building his bankroll to more than $20k.

Week 1: "The easiest $320 of my life" | My Sports Betting Journey with Oddshero and Trademate

It was a decent first week using both the Oddshero and Trademate Sports betting softwares simultaneously!

Week 0: My Sports Betting Journey with Oddshero & Trademate Sports

This time around though, Alex will continue value betting with Trademate Sports, but he will also be doing some Matched Betting with Oddshero at the same time!

How I Made $1,100 from Sports Betting, But I Could Have Made $5,000!

It took me 12 weeks to double my bankroll and reach my target of $2,000 using the Trademate Sports software! Along the way I had some ups and downs, so I thought it would be valuable for me to write 8 concluding thoughts on the software, accompanied with some tips for everyone!

Week 12: "Journey complete! But not without some hurdles" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

After 12 weeks and 2,460 trades, I not only completed my journey to $2k, but I smashed right through it, ending the week with $1,088 profit. As you can see from my results, week 12 couldn’t have gone much better for me, making $484 in one week! But although I completed my journey, it didn’t come without some hurdles, as I was limited by one bookie and had stake limitations by another.

Week 11: "$20k turned over and some bookie limitations" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

Thank goodness club Football is back after the completion of the final international break for a while. It was a decent week for myself too, hitting another big milestone ($20k of settled turnover), along with some steady profits. This week I want to highlight the importance of achieving $20k settled turnover and some stake limitations Betfair have bestowed upon me.

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