Week 10: "Back above my closing EV" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

With the international break in full swing I decided to take most of the week off, only placing 63 trades from Monday to Sunday. But those 63 trades proved to be valuable, moving back above my closing EV after spending a couple of weeks below the green line.

Week 9: "Milestone passed and profits on the up" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

Another week is in the books on my journey to $2k and even though I didn’t make the biggest profits this week, at least I’m heading in the right direction! My biggest victory this week was surpassing the 2,000 trade mark, which means I’m averaging over 220 trades a week.

Week 8: "KPI's continue to improve and some answers to FAQ's" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

After a tough previous week, my results evened out a bit more this week with only a slight drop in profits. This week I’m going to take a look at how my KPI’s over the last fortnight have been superb, even though I’ve had a significant drop in profits.

Week 7: "Lost 457 but my KPI's have never been better" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

Week seven is a week I’ll never forget! As you can see, I had an absolute stinker of a week, losing $457, but it's all not as bad as it seems! Yes, I lost a lot of money, but my KPI’s have never been better, which allows me to come to the conclusion that I was unlucky.

Week 6: "It's time for a quick audit" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

After a boring previous week, normality was restored with all European football leagues back in action! As you can see I made a small profit this week, but the good news is that I managed to place 259 trades. This week I’ll take you guys through where the majority of Trademate users sit at this point in their journey, along with a few tips for people thinking of starting their journey soon!

Week 5: "I still haven't been limited!" || My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

When it comes to sports betting, the Soccer international break is enough to ruin your weekend. I did make a decent profit of $151, but I would highly advocate for taking the weekend off in the future, as I only managed 97 trades. Throughout my journey, nearly 80% of my trades have been on soccer, hence the lack of action!

Week 4: "Disregarding my profits, I have a successful strategy" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

Similar to last week, I started the week down in profits, but by Sunday evening I’d worked my way back above my weekly closing EV. Early on Saturday afternoon I lost 29 bets in a row which you would think would result in a poor week! But then I went on to win 25 trades in a row which put me well and truly in the green!

Week 3: "A big week in profits and a free $220" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

My third week using Trademate Sports resulted in my most successful week yet, profiting $415 for the week! This week was a bit of a roller coaster ride after a strong performance during the weekdays vanished with a poor showing on Saturday, at one stage l lost 24 trades in a row. But Sunday proved to be my most successful day on the job so far, making roughly $230 from around 70 trades.

Week 2: "In the green, but one email closer to being limited" || My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

This week has been a little less dramatic than my first week, with some steady growth from Monday to Sunday. As I mentioned last week, it’s so important to stick to the process and place as many trades as possible, because more trades = more profits.

Week 1: "Sticking to the Process" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

TOTAL PROFIT: -$12 | WEEK 1 RESULT: -$12 | 09/09/19 - 15/09/19

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