All The Proof You Need That Trademate Sports Is Profitable

Over time we have released various videos and articles showing people’s experiences with Trademate Sports, along with hard-form statistics that prove the Trademate Sports software is profitable.

Customers' Variance Analysis of Trademate Performance

Hello guys. I've seen a few posts lately (some are actually mine), with poor results, wondering about variance, etc. I'm myself in a pretty sick downswing, and my only way to cope with it is by making sure I'm doing things the right way and having some extra assurance that I'm having just "bad variance" at the moment. I normally use this betting simulator to forecast future results and check if my EV is in-line. However it's based on pure averages, not on concrete data.

Trademate Sports Betting Results January 2021

In the month of January, 214,707 trades were placed, €13,930,369 was turned over and €234,527 was profited at an ROI of 1.68%.

Betting With Professional Sports Bettors - A Hidden Secret To Trademate's Success?

As any informed value bettor knows, that success comes from users placing millions of +EV trades, but what if we said that the success of Trademate Sports was down to more than just a mathematical edge over the bookmakers?

Trademate Sports Results in December - Bring on 2021!

In the month of December, 166,682 trades were placed, €9,727,699 was turned over and €240,442 was profited at an ROI of 2.47%! Here is how each sport performed, broken down into recommended leagues (popular leagues) and non-recommended leagues (lower leagues).

Trademate Sports Results in November - can anyone beat us in Soccer?

In November, 183,421 trades were placed, €10,300,613 was turned over and €410,373 was profited at an ROI of 3.98%!

What is Trademate Sports? - Trademate in a Nutshell

A short answer would just confuse people, therefore we decided to create this infographic to explain exactly who we are as a company, what we do, and why you should totally try out our services.

Big Data Analysis: Is Trademate Profitable?

The Trademate community has made a profit of €4.2m (as of September 2019) with an ROI of 2.55%. The purpose of this article is to investigate to which degree Trademate is profitable, and how the profitability differs between the soft and sharp bookmakers.

€4.2 million: The Profit Made by the Trademate Sports Users

The community stats on our webpage had not been updating for a while. So we decided to fix it and get them updated. **Note: we have moved way past the €4.2 million mark now!**

How Quickly Can You Make €5,000 from Betting? | Looking at the Trademate Sports User Data

We’re looking at what average profits & ROI our customers have achieved after certain milestones in turnover. This article is based on our user data, from both free trials and paid subscribers, up until the 28th of May, 2020.

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