How to Make Trademate Sports a Part-Time Job

Sports betting, if done well, can be very profitable. There are many people, including myself currently using Trademate as a side income or a part-time job. This article is for those looking to take on Trademate as an additional income source and want some key tips on how to get started and succeed.

Sports Betting with Trademate – The Perfect Side Income or Side Hustle

For many, the Coronavirus outbreak has been an awful time financially, with many people losing jobs and businesses failing. To the more proactive and enterprising members of the public, the pandemic has highlighted a key flaw in the conventional attitude towards work and money: the lack of importance given to multiple income sources.

How to set up Accounts for Value Betting, Arbitrage Betting and Matched Betting

There are some pitfalls when it comes to value betting, arbitrage betting, and matched betting. Here is a list of 8 tips to get you started with your own betting account, without making the most typical rookie mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trademate Sports (FAQ)

Although the software does half of the work for you to place the best value bets, for you to become a professional sports bettor and succeed in the sports trading world, you need to be informed.

6 Tips On How To Use Trademate As Efficiently As Possible

Take 2 mins to read 6 tips on how to get the most value for time spent with using Trademate!

The Presets Used For Soft Books Trading On TradingEurope

From time to time someone asks me if I'm willing to share which presets I'm using, which I am. I have gone through them on previous episodes of TradingEurope and I do make some smaller changes every now and then. So I figured I'd just write a post where I go through my presets and explain more about them.

Trademate Pro Guide | The tool that helps you beat the Sharp Bookmakers & Betting Exchanges

By using either a sharp bookie or betting exchange, it allows you to not only bet for longer, but in most cases, stake more money, as they allow winning players to bet with them.

10 Step Guide on Your Free Week Trial with Trademate Sports

If you read through this WHOLE article, you will be one of the few people who gets the most out of our software and have a much better chance of long-term success.

Trademate Sports Recommended Presets

These are tried and tested presets that the Trademate Sports team have been using for their own value betting.

9 Tips for Trademate & Sports Betting Time Management

Although you might think the process of placing bets might be quite time consuming, there are some ways you can speed up your time using Trademate and maximise the number of trades you can do in the time you have. Here are some of our top tips to save you time and make you more profit!

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