Top 10 Football Tipsters

Written by Miles Wyatt (@wyattbets on Twitter)

Tipsters with a proven track record are a great way to beat the bookie. There are many factors you have to take into account when deciding which tipsters you are going to follow. Across all social media platforms and multiple sports betting sites you’ll find thousands of tipsters, some profitable and some not, hopefully this article will help dig through the FUD and find those tipster gems!

Firstly, you have to determine what factors are most important to you when deciding which tipster to follow. Here’s a list of things I look for when deciding which tipsters I’m going to add to my portfolio.

  1. Returns / Profit – Monthly and yearly. The obvious one, they need to make money.
  2. ROI – Monthly and yearly. It’s all great making profit but if they have a tiny edge and need a million bets to see the profit, it may not be worth the time. Opportunity cost is an important factor to always consider.
  3. Bookies available to you – Can you get the odds they post? Do they cover the same leagues?
  4. Posting times – Most people using tipsters won’t be gambling for a day job, can you be active when they post? Do they post in-plays or pre-match bets? You don’t want to miss odds due to being hours late and lose out on that valuable edge they have.
  5. Trust – Do you trust the tipster’s stats? The truth is nothing stops someone from creating a twitter and posting fake stats. You’d also be surprised they may have members in their group who don’t even notice they are cheating the stats.

Below are 10 football tipsters we recommend, not in any particular order. They all have their pros and cons and hopefully using this article you can decide which is best for you.


Founder Nigel Seeley and frequent guest on the Trademate Sports Betting Podcast, has been in the gambling industry for decades. Working for companies such as Ladbrokes and the Racing Post. Premiers Sports Plays covers UK football, European football, Golf and Tennis. Nigel finished the 2019/20 season with an 8.38% ROI from the UK leagues. View his full historical results here.

Key Benefits:

- Covers major leagues and major markets available on most bookmakers.

- Bets posted well in advance.

- Proven longevity, lots of seasons in profit across multiple sports.

Consistent tipster across multiple sports. Showing great returns and ROI from limited markets. Premier Sports Plays would be a great choice for punters who want safe and long-term returns with limited bookmakers available.


George Gamble is another tipster that you’ll find on the Trademate Sports Betting Podcast each week. George posts spreadsheets of statistical data you can use to build bets on his Twitter every week. He posts all sorts of selections on his personal Twitter, along with contributing to Premier Sports Plays and We Love Betting.

Key Benefits:

- Stats you can use to have a greater ability to build your own profitable bets.

- Covers card betting and stats on card happy referees.

- He covers most European leagues and the MLS.

- Most of the content he puts out is free!

George is a great tipster to follow and learn from. He highlights key data and stats making your job as a punter that much easier.


You’ll find Mark on the Matchbook and Betfair podcasts every week. There you’ll find free selections, how and why he chooses his bets. Mark also has a very successful tipping channel called WLB Gold.

Key Benefits:

- Years of experience in sports betting.

- Covers leagues all across Europe.

- Free selections and a tipping service.

Mark has been in the sports betting industry for years. He provides great insights on the multiple podcasts he features on. Find more of his content on his Twitter.


One of the rare ‘free Twitter tipsters’ who is legit. He posts bets on a variety of leagues with a short write-up explaining his bet every day. In his most recent record update, he has recorded an ROI of 5.46% over 2,539 bets which is very solid. If you’re looking to jump on his bets you’ll have to be quick though, especially on the sharps and exchanges as the prices move quickly, especially the bets on the smaller leagues.

Key Benefits:

- Free!

- Proven track record over the past 4 years.

- Some bets he posts are available on the sharp bookmakers, which is an added plus as it won’t lead to account restriction in the long run.

- Has posted roughly 2,600 bets over 4 years, which averages out to just over 12 free tips a week.

Follow BetOnValue here!


Skeeve Picks is a football tipster who specialises in England national leagues. Skeeve has recorded 14 profitable seasons. Since 2006 there have been 1,945 official selections with an ROI of 11.1%.

Key Benefits:

- 14 consecutive profitable seasons speaks for itself, longevity in gambling is everything and Skeeve is proven.

- English leagues are covered by most bookmakers.

- Odds go based on Pinnacle, a sharp bookmaker with no restrictions.

- Averages between 20-50 bets per month so not too many bets to follow.

Skeeve picks are a safe bet over the course of the season. Some of the selections are inplays so you do need to be active in order to follow all the selections. Check out his website here.


Poacher betting tips have had three profitable football seasons. The service is run by Liam, formally an employee of several bookmakers firms. He is consistently beating the bookies with a 3.6% ROI over 969 advised bets.

Key Benefits:

- Uses Betfair exchange markets and prices in markets with good liquidity.

- Pre-match bets posted several hours in advance.

- Small bankroll required (suggested 30-50 points).

- Covers major English and European leagues.

The Poacher is a great option for those looking for a great long-term tipster averaging around 30-40 selections per month getting solid and realistic returns from your investment. You can listen to Liam talking about his service on the Smart Betting Club Podcast too.

football stadium


Jay’s Betting Club has a whopping 17.96% ROI over 1,087 bets. The service has been running for 10 months and has seen some great profits within that time frame. Jay posts card bets, bet builders and goal lines.

Key Benefits:

- High ROI and Returns.

- Selections posted well in advance of kick off.

- Covers major leagues, uses Bet365 and William Hill.

Jay’s Betting Club is a solid option for those who use Bet365 and William Hill and want to see those big returns. Slightly newer than some tipsters, however, with a sample size of over 1,000 bets it’s clear Jay’s Betbuilders have a good edge.


Foxpunter takes a different approach to tipping than most. He offers a masterclass in creating your own football bets, using his own software and data collection. Included are multiple leagues with detailed sections on who’s in-form, out of form, rebuilding and much more. He does hangout calls once a week where all users chat about the bets for the upcoming week. His personal bets are also a part of the service.

Key Benefits:

- Exclusive information on how he picks his bets.

- Learn to make your own football betting system and be profitable without the need of a tipster.

- Helps his users with the ‘mindset’ of gambling, helping them achieve long-term success.

Foxpunter is a great choice for people looking to improve their betting skills and gain a long-term edge of the bookie. Mike has been in the betting game for over 20 years and his content is exclusive to his service. Check out our podcast with Mike below where he goes into more detail about his service.


Neil has recorded over 7 seasons and 5,000 bets with a 6.46% ROI. Since the summer of 2013 he’s totaled 434 units/points of profit!

Key Benefits:

  • Odds are easy to get and sometimes better. Available on exchanges.
  • Covers major European Leagues and common betting lines available on all books.
  • Years of data and over 5,000 recorded bets. Neil has a clear edge proven over time.

Neil is a great choice for punters looking for a tipping service that is a safe option and still providing great returns. Odds are attainable, leagues and lines are all mainstream and covered by all major books and exchanges. If you want to join his service, check him out here.


We couldn't go through the whole article without mentioning ourselves! The Trademate Sports software is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get yourself a proven edge. Football is one of Trademate’s most profitable sports, covering both major and minor leagues. Trademate as a whole has generated over €128,000 profit in the last 30 days and over €7,000,000 in profit in total for users.

Key Benefits:

- Covers multiple leagues. There are always bets as long as there are games, use Trademate around your schedule.

- You can set your own parameters, choose how much edge, what leagues and what odds you want to take.

- Proven long term edge.

- Low risk over 1000+ bets.

- A long list of bookmakers available (90+).

- Tracking and data analytics tools. You can see which bets are winning and which aren’t and adjust your betting accordingly.

There are many benefits to using Trademate. The software does require time to make profit, over the course of the season if you’re placing 1000+ bets it’s very likely you’ll see fantastic profits. You'll also find tons of insightful betting content on the Trademate Youtube channel!

Here are Trademate's results just on Football!

There are tons of football tipsters out there and it’s important to make sure you follow the best ones to maximise your profits! Hopefully, this article helps you choose the best football tipster for you. There’s plenty of good tipsters out there but these are 10 that really catch the eye.

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