Top 5 Defenders in Premier League Fantasy Football 2020/2021

Following our recent overviews of the top Midfield and Forward assets in FPL, we now present our picks for the best options in Defence. Once again, price changes and club transfers have reshaped the entire landscape with a couple of players in particular presenting compelling opportunities, along with the most prolific players from previous seasons. If you’ve enjoyed our articles so far and find value in the analysis, we strongly urge you to join our community on Patreon where we share Mikkel Tokvam’s Transfer Algorithm along with all the weekly FPL updates. Membership helps support our growing initiative and provides valuable insight including active discussion with the data scientist, our analyst group, and some of the best FPL players in the world.

1. Matt Doherty

For the past couple of seasons, marauding right-wingback, Matt Doherty, has been an integral part of the Wolverhampton attack. Despite reduced minutes working through injuries, the Irish international still supplied four goals and eight assists during the last campaign and just recently completed a move to Tottenham. It remains to be seen exactly how he will fit in under Jose Mourinho’s system as the Portuguese manager embarks on his second season at the helm, but needless to say that ‘Doc’ should be afforded plenty of opportunity to flourish with his new club.

FPL price: 6.0

Expected points per GW: 4.31

Budget-constrained value: 0.48

2. Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent Alexander-Arnold

After a phenomenal first campaign as starting right-back for Liverpool in 2018-2019, what more could anyone have expected from Trent Alexander-Arnold during the following season? Well, how about four league goals and 15 assists, in addition to 14 clean sheets! The English youngster also saw increased minutes across all competitions, taking set-pieces from both sides of the pitch with masterful free kicks that would confound even the most elite goalkeepers. This season’s most expensive defender is priced at a hefty 7.5m, but even then TAA seems to be a bargain in defense especially compared with other similarly priced options in midfield.

FPL price: 7.5

Expected points per GW: 4.56

Budget-constrained value: 0.42

3. Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Coming into the spotlight after a remarkable season for Crystal Palace in 2018-2019, Aaron Wan-Bissaka completed a move to Old Trafford last summer and quickly became a fan favourite. The English international made an immediate impact for his new club and helped fortify the Man United defense following an uncharacteristic finish the previous season. Known for his tight marking of opponents and crunching tackles, he also demonstrated an attacking mindset with bursts into the final third while supplying four assists during the last campaign. Priced again at 5.5m this season, AWB provides a budget-friendly route into an elite defence.

FPL price: 5.5

Expected points per GW: 3.69

Budget-constrained value: 0.41

4. Romain Saiss

Morocco Football team

Not quite the name you would expect among the top defenders from the Premier League, but Romain Saiss quietly went under the radar last season as a valuable FPL prospect. In his fourth season at Wolverhampton, the Moroccon international saw a substantial increase in minutes and played a crucial role in a staunch backline that kept 13 clean sheets. Also, contributing two goals and two assists, Romain Saiss demonstrated a strong ability to move up the pitch and presents potentially great value for Wolves. FPL Managers may also be tempted by 4.5m-priced teammate Ruben Vinagre, while left-wingback Jonny Otto Castro remains sidelined through injury.

FPL price: 5.0

Expected points per GW: 3.46

Budget-constrained value: 0.41

5. Ben Chilwell

Another exciting defender on the move this summer, Ben Chilwell, completed a transfer to Stamford Bridge where he hopes to deliver the same impact he’s made at Leicester over the past several seasons. Last season the young English international posed a threat to opposition at both ends of the pitch, contributing three goals and three assists while keeping 9 clean sheets despite missing several matches through injury. While questions remain over his current fitness levels, it remains to be seen how exactly the left back will fit into club manager Frank Lampard’s system and whether he will successfully displace Marcos Alonso.

FPL price: 5.5

Expected points per GW: 3.17

Budget-constrained value: TBD

Written by Alex “The Analyst” Potier from the Transfer Algorithm

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