9 Tips for Trademate & Sports Betting Time Management

Although you might think the process of placing bets might be quite time consuming, there are some ways you can speed up your time using trademate and maximise the number of trades you can do in the time you have. Here are some of our top tips to save you time and make you more profit!

Use a second screen

If it’s possible, we would recommend using one screen with the Trademate tradefeed open, whilst using a second with your bookmaker accounts logged in. Ideally if you have a second laptop or a keyboard for your tablet, this will also save time. As well as saving eyestrain by not having to click from window to window, you’ll find you are able to process your bets much quicker and will reduce you making any errors such as not inputting the correct bet.

use two screens for maximum efficiency

Work through each bookmaker individually

Although it might be tempting to start inputting all the trades with the biggest edges straight away, you will end up having to scan lots of different bookmakers and flick from window to window. By filtering each bookmaker one by one and working methodically, you will find you will get far more trades in a shorter space of time.

Put presets in order

Throughout your time using Trademate you may struggle to place a bet with a certain odds type (e.g. Asian Handicap) with a particular bookmaker because the odds are always changing to quickly. The sooner you can identify that the better. For example, you might always be able to get on edges for Bet365 when it comes to 1x2 and Asian Handicaps, but everytime you go to place an Over/Under the price is gone. This would be the ideal scenario to set up a Bet365 filter just for 1x2 and Asian Handicaps, so you know to place those trades first, then set up another preset for the Over/Under, or just completely forget about that odds type.

bookmaker sites can be a maze. Try to find the most user friendly to start with

Choose user friendly bookmakers

Not all bookmakers are made equal. It might not be a surprise that the bookies that have the biggest edges also have the websites that are the most frustrating to navigate. However, some bookie sites are much easier to search and find the bets you’re looking for. Examples of sites that have an easy to find and use search option include:

  • Marathon
  • Gentingbet
  • Unibet/888Sport/Mr Green
  • Bet365
  • Sportingbet/Bwin
  • Betsafe/Betsson
  • William Hill
  • Coolbet

Use recommended leagues for restricted accounts

It can be annoying to find some bets with great edges but then be restricted to pennies when trying to place it. If you change your preset to show recommended leagues only, you will have a better chance of getting a reasonably sized stake and making the best use of your searching time.

Multi-task during quiet times

You might be logged in and logged all the trades for that time already. What do you do now? While waiting for any new trade alerts, you can use this time to do some analysis on your Trademate experience so far. Take a look at your best performing markets and make comparisons. You might be surprised where you are making the most gains and this will alert you to those opportunities in the future. You may also notice you are making more profit at one bookmaker than the others. This might be a time to consider placing a few ‘dummy’ bets on those accounts to prolong and delay any account restrictions, like an accumulator. Note: if you do think it's a good idea to place an accumulator to seem like an unsuccessful gambler, make sure you combine value bets as it only multiplies your edge. Perhaps look at the odds ranges on your presets and play around and experiment with some new settings. These might all help you come up with some great ideas for future Trademate sessions.

Multitask during quiet times to make best use of your trading time

Block your time

Try and avoid all other distractions where possible. Switch off your phone or put it on silent mode. Let your family know you’ll be busy. Get stocked up on drinks and snacks, put some music on and get into the zone. This way it doesn’t have to feel like work but you will make sure you are getting as many trades in as possible while having everything you need.

Find the best times to trade

We understand that life can be busy and you might have work or family commitments that restrict your trading time. However, if you do have the flexibility, we highly recommend using Trademate on busy sporting days, which usually includes the weekends. If you only have a set number of hours per week to trade, we suggest using the software during these days as there are more bets coming in and you can turn over more of them. Try and look for trades within 4 hours of the start of the events. For example, many football trades will come up during late morning to early afternoon (CET) on the weekends. For US sports, you will find more opportunities in the evening hours to very early morning as the games will be played around these times. However, even if you aren’t able to do this, there are still many trades during the week that you can take advantage of.

Use a Local Area Network (LAN) connection

Although you don’t need superfast internet to access Trademate or the bookie sites, it is more important you have a stable connection. Save the potential annoyance of disconnections or network slowdown by hooking up your computer to a LAN cable. This way you should get the best speed but most importantly, the most reliable connection. It’s just one less thing that could go wrong!

Use a LAN connection for more reliable and stable internet

In conclusion

These are just a few suggestions that I’ve used to help save a little time. Let us know if you have any more that can help out fellow trademate users.

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Written by Neel Shah. Neel is a full time sports bettor, trader and content writer for Trademate Sports. He uses Trademate as part of his sports trading and betting strategy portfolio. You can also find him on twitter @mybettorlife.

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