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Like most top clubs, Tottenham has dedicated journalists covering the club and one of the more reliable ones is Football London's, Alasdair Gold.

Gold is not so much about transfer gossip and more about what is actually going on at the club, however, that does not mean that he does not have valuable information to dish out.

What he specialises in is honesty and he refuses to get carried away with any transfer speculation but when he does speak, you listen.

For example, in the recently closed transfer window via his Youtube videos, he gave clear up to date info on players that were strongly linked with the Lilywhites. He swotted away the crazy stuff and concentrated on the most likely transfers and, for the most part, he was spot on.

Gold is what you could regard as Mr confirmation, he will soon debunk a rumour if it calls for it and at the same time, he will make it clear if something is about to happen. The bottom line is that if Gold says so and so is going to Tottenham, then you can generally take that to the bank.

Gold, who has been following Tottenham for decades and is a well-known feature at press conferences, became a senior reporter at the Herts and Essex Observer back in 2003, he stayed there for just under 4 ½ years before he became a sports reporter at the Hertfordshire Mercury, a job he held for five years and nine months.

Alasdair Gold Barcelona

In his time at the Mercury, he rose up to the position of deputy sports editor before he became the Trinity Mirror Group sports editor of their Essex titles including the Mercury, Harlow Star, Herts and Essex Observer and Midweek Mercury. In better words, in the space of a decade, he went from reporter to group editor.

After spending 14 years working in some capacity for Trinity Mirror he landed the Football London Tottenham correspondent position, a role he has held for the last four years.

Gold is well served on social media with 86k followers on Twitter, 20k on Youtube, 7k on Instagram and 10.7k on Facebook.

It should also be noted that his Youtube channel has only been doing videos for about a year and in that time his videos have been viewed over 1 million times. His channel is one that is set to grow and grow.

Gold is also an author, he wrote Ode to Jol: A Spurs Fan's Diary, a book about former Tottenham manager Martin Jol, a book that has been given nothing but positive reviews and in fact, one reviewer on Amazon wrote “Alastair Gold isn't just a Tottenham fan, he's also a bloody good writer. This book brings what it is like to be a Spurs fan to the world”

That comment signifies why Gold is so highly rated when it comes to Tottenham and anything to do with the club. His writings are clear and concise, without all the waffle and his videos are simply brilliant in their simplicity. No studios or razzmatazz for Gold, he looks into the camera and tells it how it is his in his own way.

Managers tend to trust Gold as well, anyone watching his interactions with the likes of Jose Mourinho and the responses he gets cannot fail to see the respect that he his held, even for a journalist.

Alasdair Gold Youtube

He does not ask loaded questions but tends to concentrate on what the fans really want to know, who is injured, who will play, what did you think of this players performance or that players contribution.

His Twitter account is always full of beautiful little nuggets and he makes it clear when it is his opinion, he leaves no ambiguity and that is an asset that fans crave.

You may not get a long list of players linked with Spurs from Gold but he will let you know what is bull and what is not, he will explain team selections and why the manager has done something, he will explain the club's finances and the impact that has on transfer business and other club activities, there is no guesswork dressed up as exclusives.

Gold has done the hard work, he has risen up through the ranks and now has fantastic access to one of the biggest clubs in the world, his work is available every day on multiple mediums and for any Spurs fans wanting to know exactly what is going on at their club then Gold is the man to turn to.

He does not do much outside of Tottenham, however, he is extremely knowledgeable about football in general and is not that partisan, well, unless it comes to Arsenal of course.

Gold, like the other journalists in this series, is a definite must-have in terms of journalists to follow if you want accurate up to date information that can be trusted.

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