Trademate Sports Betting Podcast - Helping You Beat The Bookmakers

A podcast for both beginner & advanced sports bettors, as we talk to some of the best betting minds in the business, from pro sports bettors to analysts to bookmaker employees.

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Below are all the podcasts we’ve done with various betting experts in the industry.


Ep 15: £1M From Sports Betting in One Year | Catching Up With Pro Sports Bettor Jonas Gjelstad

Ep 27: Pro Sports Bettor - Harout Massoyan

Ep 41: Pro Sports Bettor - Neel Shah

Ep 47: Football Trader - Psychoff

Ep 49: Pro Sports Bettor - Rob Pizzola

Ep 50: Professional Betting Partnership - Harout Massoyan & Andrew

Ep 53: Pro Esports Bettor - Adam Boothe

Ep 55: Pro Sports Bettor - Danshan

Ep 58: Catching up with Jonas Gjelstad

Ep 72: Pro Sports Trader - Overs Specialist

Ep 79: Professional Gambler & Sports Trader - Tony Alvarez

Ep 84: Professional Handicapper - College Caps

Ep 90: Pro Sports Bettor - Chris Rya‪n‬

Ep 103: From Pro Sports Bettor to Odds Compiler - Neel Shah

Ep 105: Cricket Betting - Ed Hawkins

Ep 106: Pro Sports Trader & Founder of Bet Angel - Peter Webb

Ep 123: Politics Betting - Paul Krishnamurty

Ep 124: Pro Football Bettor - The Poacher

Ep 133: Pro Sports Bettor - Shane Sigsbee

Ep 139: Pro Football Bettor & Tipster - Adam Cheng


Ep 130: Former Bet365 Trader & Founder of Edge Alerter - Joonas Karppinen

Ep 100: Running a Sharp Bookmaker | Director of Topsport Sportsbook - Tristan Merlehan

Ep 64: All Things Gambling Industry - Scott Ferguson

Ep 62: Golf Odds Compiler - Michael Verity

Ep 60: CEO of Banch Technology - Mark Hughes

Ep 51: Former Head of Greyhound Racing & Pro Gambler - Anthony Kaminskas

Ep: 37: Former Sportsbook Head - Matt Howard

Ep 34: Odds Compiler - Jeevan Jeyaratnam

Ep 28: Former Bookmaker Operations Manager - Matt from TipBlock


Ep 20: Value Betting on Football Card Markets | Interview with Card Spreadsheets Owner George Gamble

Ep 23: Mark O'Haire - Football Betting Analyst & Former Bookmaker Content Manager

Ep 26: Football Manager Profiling in Betting - The Next Big Edge? ft. Fox Punter Owner - Mike Holden

Ep 32: Finding Value in MMA Betting & UFC 251 Betting Preview with Smart Sports Trader - Ryan Bruno

Ep 39: Football Betting Analyst - Steve Wyss

Ep 43: Tennis Betting Analyst - Dan Weston

Ep 45: Betting vs Stocks & F1 Gambler - Peter Sainsbury

Ep 56: Author of Calculated Bets - Steven Skiena

Ep 87: Mathematics Professor David Sumpter & Trademate CEO Marius Norheim - Using Mathematics in Sports Bettin‪g‬


Ep 24: Talking Tipsters & Their Legitimacy with Smart Betting Club Founder Pete Ling

Ep 25: How does Tipster Hennerz Bets find value in the betting markets?

Ep 31: Cold Trading, Tipster Experiment & Bookie Disputes with Punter2Pro Founder - Toby Aldous

Ep 36: Esports Ratings Model, Market Efficiency & Value Betting Psychology | Nenko from Church of Betting

Ep 96: Mental Game Coach - Jared Tendler

Ep 122: Founder of Football Advisor & Predictology - Jon Roberts

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