Final Stats from the 30-Day Trademate Customer Trading Competition

Throughout July, we hosted a trading competition, challenging 10 Trademate customers to see who could finish the month with the biggest average closing edge, with the winner earning €60 off their next subscription.

The only rule was that they had to place a minimum of 500 trades, which wouldn’t be easy considering the amount of sporting games that had been cancelled due to COVID 19.

At the end of each week we posted a video/live stream, updating everyone with the running results. The weekly stats are posted below, and they give great insight into the life of a Trademate customer.

All-Time Stats of the Customers Pre-July

all time customer stats

Here are the statistics of the competitors before the competition started, order by the number of trades they have placed.

It’s hard to have any big takeaways from most of the customers here, as their sample sizes are quite small. You should only be evaluating your results after placing 1,000-2,000 trades, as before that variance plays a big part.

But for those who have placed more than 2,000 trades, you can see that all of them are currently sitting below their closing EV, so they have a lot of room to grow and are due an upswing in profits!

After 7 days

week 1 betting competition results

Key takeaways:

  • Even though lots of sports are cancelled, you can still get heaps of trades in with Trademate.
  • It’s a very small sample size in trades and you can see that with the variance between closing EV and profits. As we say, don’t judge your results week-on-week. At the minimum, judge by the month.
  • By looking through his account, Joachim’s max bet size is too big and his higher Kelly percentage leads to greater variance (we recommend 30%). Your max bet should only be 1-2% of your current overall bankroll.
  • Difference in closing EV and profits between Juhani and Daniel. Daniel is over performing and Juhani is under performing.
  • Marinko and Maakaa do not have a big enough starting bankroll. They won’t be able to make a big enough profit to cover the subscription fee and make a nice profit on top of that. At the absolute minimum, you should start with €1,000, but ideally a lot more.

After 14 days

week 2 betting competition results

Key takeaways:

  • Only one person’s average ROI moved further away from what our average ROI with Trademate is (2.5%). And that was Joachim, who has placed the least amount of trades (3) in the last week. The top 5 in the rankings were the ones that moved the closest to 2.5%.
  • When people say our software is too expensive they are wrong, we're only halfway through the month and look at some of these profit numbers. Don't say it's too expensive if you haven't put the work in and set-up your account correctly.
  • The effort that some of the these people are putting in is very special - especially Shanxi, Tjeeen, Montello & Shabalinvlad.
  • Really interesting that the two people with the least amount of trades have the worst avg. closing edges.
  • Once again trades are very high for those putting in the effort.
  • Montello and Tjeeeen should be very excited - because they're putting in the work and when they eliminate variance they will reap the rewards.
  • 7/10 customers’ average closing edge increased.

After 20 days

week 3 betting competition results

Key takeaways:

  • Joachim has risen from last place to 6th. Why? Because he placed a lot more trades!
  • Shanxi is placing over 400 trades a week, crazy stuff! But, he has to work harder because he has a smaller starting bankroll.
  • Shabalinvlad has had a bad week in terms of his profits, even though his closing EV has risen significantly. As always, this is just variance. Just have a look at his all-time stats to see that overall, this is only a blip on the radar.
  • Marinko moves to number 10 in the rankings. He’s definitely not placing enough trades!

After 30 days

final betting competition results

Key takeaways:

  • Congrats to Montelloo! Very good average closing edge!
  • Shanxi nearly placed 2,000 trades and made over €4,000. More trades, more profits!
  • Like last time, Shabalinvlad bad luck continued, but check out his overall stats pre-July and you’ll see he is doing just fine.

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