What is it like being a Sports Trader? | Interviews with 6 Trademate Sports Customers

Ever wondered what living the life of a sports trader would be like? Well look no further than our article series with interviews from six Trademate Sports customers, where they share some of their stories, along with some tips and tricks!


“My fund growth percentage is 534% on 5124 trades at the moment, which is an all-time high for my part.”

Read more of Mathias’ interview here.


“I use Trademate Sports as a professional investment tool. I don't really care about sports, I like to do sports instead of watching them on TV.”

Read more of Miro’s interview here.



“I've had my share of bad runs, I started off with running complete trash for my first 1500 bets, but I stuck with it and it paid off eventually. My biggest loss was about 10K NOK in about 2 days.”

Read more of Martin’s interview here.


“Before signing up for Trademate Sports 13 months ago, I had literally no experience whatsoever with sports trading. Up until October 2016, when the sharps were added, I had grown my initial $5000 to around $9000.”

Read more of Matias’ interview here.


“I think beginners should start with tight presets and they can open them up more and more as they get more experienced. Also, watch every video available on Trademate Sports' site.”

Read more of Airidas’ interview here.

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“My experience with sports trading is that if one has the time and patience, it is a guaranteed source of income over time.”

Read more of Jørn’s interview here.

Here are some great videos of other people who have documented their journey on Trademate Sports!:

  1. My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k.
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