€4.2 million: The Profit Made by the Trademate Sports Users

The community stats on our webpage had not been updating for a while. So we decided to fix it and get them updated. Note: we have moved way past the €4.2 million mark now!

This showed that the overall community stats of the Trademate users from the 1st of January, 2016 until the 11th of September, 2019, have yielded a total net profit of €4.2 million from 2,315,590 trades.

The avg. ROI of the Trademate Sports users is 2.55%. Of course we don't just want to throw out the numbers ourselves, so if you're interested, you can see how the profits developed over time in this Google Spreadsheet.

Keep in mind this is soft bookmakers only, as this is the most relevant numbers for the majority of our users. This is also what we will be displaying in real time on the website going forward.

The sharps are profitable too, but with a lower ROI. In the past we have done a couple of big data streams in addition to the first article were we took a deep dive into the results of our users to answer the question: Is Trademate Profitable?

Since then we built a big data tool inside of Trademate, so that you can dig into the user results yourself, including the sharps. Make sure to check out this video tutorial on how to use the big data tool.

So we can see that bookmakers still have no chance in cracking down on value betting and we're still going strong!

Finally remember that the number one key to doing well with Trademate Sports is to get in a large number of trades! Check out this article for deeper look into Trademate’s user data.

You can read more about why a big sample size of trades is important in the Law of Large Numbers article.

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