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Italian journalist Romeo Agresti is one of the exciting young journalists that is building a reputation for himself as a writer that can be trusted, especially when it comes to transfer speculation and the latest updates on a particular team.

Agresti is a follower of Juventus, however, his boyhood club is actually Vicenza and he became a fan of The Bianconeri, mainly because that is who his family supports.

The 31-year-old is a native of Turin having been born there on the 14th July 1989, he graduated in computers and got his first writing job at Calcio GP. His career path saw him take the press officer role at Cuatto Volley Giaveno in 2012 as a volleyball correspondent.

Also in 2012 Agresti published his first book titled; "The great derby history: Turin-Juventus".

His big breakthrough came later the same year when he started collaborating with, a job he still holds today. Agresti also works for the DAZN media group.

Agresti has previously worked on the official Juventus TV channel and is regarded as an authority on the Italian champions, especially in the transfer market. His reputation is such that in 2017 he won the Calciomercato d'Or.

The journalist has a widespread following on social media with almost 34k followers on Instagram, 69k on Facebook, 19k on Youtube and 83k on Twitter. A cool 205k in total and Agresti has built that off the back of his growing reputation as a credible and trusted source for all info regarding Juventus and Italian football.

Romeo Agresti

No journalist ever gets it 100%, that is impossible in the murky world of football transfers and Agresti will openly admit when he has got it wrong, as he did with the Julian Draxler to Juventus speculation saying:

“Biggest error? Draxler. I announced him, I was wrong. But it was not the only mistake, let alone, I committed it and I will continue to commit it in the future. This is what is beautiful, or ugly, about the transfer market. Let’s say that overall, reducing mistakes is the real goal. Because in this world everything can change quickly”.

It is certainly refreshing when a journalist admits an error and owns it and that is why Agresti is regarded so highly among football fans, both inside and outside of Italy.

Another reason why Agresti is so trusted is that he is a man of honour and will never break an agreement with a source, even if it means he has to sit on a story while others beat him to publication.

A classic example of this was when Leonardo Bonucci returned to the Old Lady. Agresti knew this in advance, however, he wanted to respect the source and waited until the news was announced by other outlets, that screams of integrity, a rare commodity in the world of football journalism.

Agresti is not just the go-to source for Juve transfer news, he is also very knowledgeable about the internal goings on at the club and is in high demand for interviews from the wider media.

Following his Twitter account is a must if you are at all interested in Juventus or the latest transfer speculation. If you want early team news or the latest injury updates before they are announced officially via the club then Agresti is the man to follow.

Romeo Agresti enjoying the Italian countryside

It is not often that you come across a journalist that has such access to a club, it's players and their agents that Agresti has. This gives his thoughts and opinion added weight because you know you are being fed the latest info from a genuine person “in the know”

Agresti is also very honest and not scared to upset the apple cart, if he has something to say that is negative about Juventus then he will not hesitate to say it, even if it costs him favour with the club.

He has been very critical of the clubs management over the last couple of seasons, not on the field of play but more behind the scenes, for example, when he was asked why Alessandro Del Piero was one of the few Juve legends that had no role with the club after he retired from playing, he responded, “because his farewell to Juventus was one of the most complicated (between the said and unsaid)”

Romeo Agresti is one of a handful of young journalists (below 50) that has decided that he will forge a career in journalism based on credibility, trust and above all, integrity and that decision is now paying dividends simply because he is now known as one of the highest authorities in the game when it comes to breaking news and transfer speculation.

Most of his work is in Italian, however, with so many language translators available to use online, there is no reason why you cannot be kept up to date by one of the very best out there even if you do not speak or understand the beautiful Italian language.

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