How To Do Sports Betting in Finland

Value Betting can be a fantastic source of income for everyone living in a place where it’s legal to bet online. Finland belongs to this category, which means that there’s nothing stopping Finns from making some easy bucks.

The bad news is that not all the online sportsbooks in the world are at disposal of Finnish bettors. According to Finland’s gambling laws, only one sportsbook is permitted. This, however, doesn’t mean that top online bookmakers are not accepting Finnish players. Actually, it’s quite contrary. As you can see in Trademate’s bookie spreadsheet, there is a large number of bookmakers Finns can use.

To learn more about the best bookmakers for Finnish players, as well as all the info you need concerning the gambling laws of this country, just keep reading!

Legality of Value Betting in Finland

In a nutshell, Value Betting is a method that finds value in bets, ensuring that in the long run, you’re going to make a decent profit. The more you bet, the more money you’re expected to make. If you’re wondering how to figure out which bets have value, well don’t worry, Trademate does that all for you!

To properly understand how Value Betting works and why you stand a great chance of making decent money with Trademate, you better check out the video below.

If you know what Value Betting is, you understand that there’s nothing fishy going on. This is a mathematically proven sports betting strategy, hence there’s no reason why anyone would ban it. The only scenario in which Value Betting would be prohibited is if you’re located in a country that doesn’t allow online betting.

Luckily for Finns, that is not the case in this country. Finland is a betting-friendly country, whose government looks at the world of sports betting as an opportunity to make money via tax and use it to improve health and social welfare, science, arts, youth work, and so on.

Gambling Tax in Finland

Gambling tax does exist in Finland, but you, as a sports bettor, have nothing to do with it. Instead, tax is charged on the revenue made by the sportsbook, while players don’t have to pay anything. Notice that we used the word sportsbook in singular. The reason is that there’s only one sportsbook that pays gambling taxes in Finland.

Veikkaus, the state-owned sportsbook, has a monopoly over the Finnish betting industry. This, however, might change in the near future, with the pressure coming from the EU for Finland to change its gambling law.

Until then, the only fully-legal place on the internet for Finns to bet is the Veikkaus online sportsbook. However, this doesn’t mean they are limited to only one sportsbook. Although Finland would love to have its citizens bet at Veikkaus, the situation in real life is a bit different. There are plenty of other online sportsbooks that accept Finnish players.

Online Sportsbooks for Finnish Value Bettors

Betting with foreign bookmakers falls into a grey area in Finland. Veikkaus is the only licensed Finnish bookmaker, but betting on foreign sites is possible. For this reason, Finnish Value Bettors have the luxury to place their bets at the best sportsbooks, which offer the best odds and bonuses.

If you’re wondering which sportsbooks belong to this category, the answer is that their number is huge. In fact, each of the Finland-friendly bookmakers that Trademate works with is a fantastic choice in terms of odds, bonuses, user-friendliness, and more.

That said, you simply cannot make a mistake if you decide to sign up to one of the bookmakers recommended by us. Still, the fact is that some bookies are slightly better than others. Let’s talk about some of those!


Finns love bet365. In fact, this is the most popular foreign bookmaker in Finland. Therefore, the chances are that you already have an account there. If not, it’s time to make one. By doing that, you will get yourself a nice welcome bonus of €100.

Furthermore, bet365 is famously very generous when odds are concerned. Also, the fact that betting limits at bet365 are usually way higher than in other sportsbooks makes it very attractive to Value Bettors.

Betfair Sportsbook

Betfair is the largest betting exchange in the world, which enables you to bet against other players. Since a couple of years ago, Betfair also has its own sportsbook, which accepts Finnish bettors.

The main selling point of Betfair Sportsbook is its large betting offer, with attractive odds both on favorites and underdogs. Same as bet365, this sportsbook also has a €100 welcome bonus ready for Finnish Value Bettors to claim it.


As you’ve probably figured it out from the name of this bookmaker, NordicBet is focused on the Nordic market, where Finland belongs too.

Finnish players are welcome to register an account at NordicBet, for which they will receive several welcome bonuses, starting with the 100% match bonus on the first deposit. There’s also a 50% reload bonus, as well as a €20 free bet available to mobile users.


What makes this online bookmaker stand out from the competition is the fact that no registration is required. You don’t have to have a Speedybet account in order to be able to bet. You just have to upload funds and make your bets, something which can be done in literally a minute. Therefore, it’s not surprising why this sportsbook has the name Speedybet.

Another thing that makes this bookie attractive for Finnish bettors is its welcome bonus. When you make your first deposit, you will get an up to €400 bonus.

Other Bookmakers for Finnish Bettors

There are more than 100 online bookmakers Trademate works with. A big percentage of those bookmakers accept Finnish players. What this means is that by signing up to our tool, you will be able to get the most out of your Value Betting adventure.

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