Week 11: "$20k turned over and some bookie limitations" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

TOTAL PROFIT: +604 | WEEK 11 RESULT: +84 | 18/11/19 - 24/11/19

Thank goodness club Football is back after the completion of the final international break for a while. It was a decent week for myself too, hitting another big milestone ($20k of settled turnover), along with some steady profits. This week I want to highlight the importance of achieving $20k settled turnover and some stake limitations Betfair have bestowed upon me.


It’s important to highlight the significance of hitting $20k turnover because it shows that the Trademate software isn’t a shortcut to becoming rich, it takes time and persistence. As is highlighted in the 10 Reasons Why People Fail With Trademate article, you have to approach your journey with the right mindset. At this point, my return on investment (ROI) is 3%, very similar to where the average Trademate user is at after 2k-5k trades. Don’t sign up for Trademate thinking this is going to be an easy way to get rich quickly, you have to be prepared for the ups and downs, whilst knowing in the back of your mind that in the long-run you will succeed.



To be honest, for most of you it’s probably not worth it. But, I’ll refer you back to the article above, which talks about the importance of starting with a large enough bankroll. My profit vs time ratio is worth it because I don’t have to pay a subscription fee. Of course you all have to though, so I would recommend starting with a higher bankroll than I did, and apply my fund growth (60%) to your starting bankroll, just to give yourself a rough estimate of what amount you want to start with.


betfair limits

As predicted, after receiving that interesting email from Betfair in Week 2, even though I’m down nearly $100 with them, they have imposed some staking limitations on me for the first time this week (see photo). In this case, the most important thing is to not place the bet for $19.20. Refer to this article on what to do in these situations. In this case, I would either place a bet for $10 or $15.


Below are some screenshots of my biggest edge and biggest win, along with my biggest negative edge and biggest losing trade respectively.

big edge

negative edge

big win

biggest loss

Check out my Week 0 video, showing how I got set up with my Trademate and betting accounts here!

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