Week 8: "KPI's continue to improve and some answers to FAQ's" | My Value Betting Journey from $1k to $2k

TOTAL PROFIT: +281 | WEEK 8 RESULT: -28 | 28/10/19 - 03/11/19

After a tough previous week, my results evened out a bit more this week with only a slight drop in profits. This week I’m going to take a look at how my KPI’s over the last fortnight have been superb, even though I’ve had a significant drop in profits. I’ll also compare myself to how the average Trademate user is performing after this many trades, whilst answering some FAQ’s we’ve been getting lately.

closing ev


Although I’ve lost $530 during the last fortnight, my closing EV, average closing edge and number of trades have never been better. My total closing EV is $401 and during the last fortnight my closing EV is $152. That equates to 37.9% of my total closing EV (152/401), so it just shows that in the last two weeks of my eight week journey, I’ve been statistically better. I’ve also placed 545 trades in the last fortnight, which is 31.3% of my total number of trades placed over eight weeks (545/1741). If you understand the law of large numbers in sports betting, you’ll know that my results are going to turn around soon!



The average ROI for Trademate users who have placed between 1k-2k trades is 2.18%. My current ROI is 1.9% so I’m only slightly lower than the average user.ANSWERING SOME FAQ’S

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions asking: how is Trademate worth it if after two months I’ve profited $281 and the monthly fee is $134? Well, the only reason my profits are low is because I started with a small bankroll of $1,000. My fund growth is currently 27.9%, so if you apply that to a bigger starting bankroll, then you’re going to make a lot more profits and the monthly subscription fee will become more viable. The Kelly Criterion produces a percentage that you should apply to your bankroll, hence the improved profits with a higher bankroll. The reason why it doesn’t bother me is because I work for Trademate, so I don’t have to pay the fee.

Another question I’ve been getting is: how do you place so many trades every week? Firstly, I would refer you to this article, which tells you when the best times to trade are. The rest of this article also gives you some great tips on how to organise your presets in a way to get more trades on. Refer to my Week 0 video to see how my presets are organised to maximise trade placing. Also, take a look through all my weekly videos for some tips on the best bookmakers to use.


Read the eBooks! This is the first thing I did before I started trading with Trademate Sports. The eBooks explain everything you need to know before you start and will allow you to maximise your profits in the future!


Below are some screenshots of my biggest edge and biggest win, along with my biggest negative edge and biggest losing trade respectively.

big edge

negative edge

big win

big loss

Check out my Week 0 video, showing how I got set up with my Trademate and betting accounts here!

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