WEEK 0: Getting Started || How Much Money Can I Make From Matched Betting In 1 Month?

Week 0, Joachim takes you through his Oddshero account, and show you how you can start your Matched Betting journey!

Note: Due to the coronavirus and the cancellation of most sporting events, there have been a few changes to my matched betting plans. I will inform you of those changes in my Week 1 video.

Hi guys! My name is Joachim and I’m an intern here at Trademate Sports and Oddshero. I’ve been tasked with the challenge of doubling my bankroll from €2,000 into €4,000 using the Trademate Sports software and the Oddshero Matched Betting software.

The first month I will focus on the Matched Betting software and try to make as much money as possible through Matched Betting, before I go over to Value Betting with Trademate Sports.

For those of you who don’t know what Trademate Sports is, it’s a Value Betting tool that helps you beat the bookmakers. From January 2016 to September 2019, Trademate customers had an ROI per trade of 2.5%, as well as a revenue of €4.2M from the bookies.

Oddshero on the other hand is a Matched Betting software that helps you profit from bookmakers bonus offers. Oddshero customers can easily earn €1,000 in less than a month using this software!

I’m going to put this theory to a test as I’ll start off with the Oddshero software for the first month. Here is a quick rundown of how I got myself set up for Oddshero!


First thing I will do is sign up for an Oddshero account. It is really easy to sign up if you haven’t done so yet, the only option you will get is if you want the basic or the pro version. If you’re a beginner, start off with the free basic version, as it gives you the opportunity to turn over the Bet365 bonus for free.

If you’ve done Matched Betting before, sign up for the pro version for only€14.99 a month, as it gives you access to over 100 bookmakers!

The first thing I did after making an account was to click on the left side where it says, “Learn about Matched Betting.” Here you can watch the 5 instructional videos and read the free e-book in step 6.

Tutorial videos inside Oddshero.

The only thing that’s not self-explanatory here is how to create a Sportmarket account in step 3. We get asked a lot about the verification process when signing up for a brokerage, but honestly, it’s really easy to do.

All I had to do was to send in a front and back photo of my drivers license and send a picture of my bank statement. Normally they take 1-2 days to get accepted, but personally they used 4 days to accept my account, which probably has something to do with me sending in the documents during a weekend.


You can see other frequently asked questions on the same page as the introduction videos, but a very normal question is about the best way to deposit money into the betting accounts.

The way I will deposit money is through my normal bank account, a.k.a. through Visa, bank transfers, as well as Paysafecard. DO NOT deposit through an e-wallet, because people who deposit through an e-wallet do not qualify for the sign-up bonus.

To add a bonus, just press “set bonus.”

I will start with turning over 5 bonuses from 5 different bookmakers, and those bookmakers are; Leovegas, Bet365, Betsson, Mobilebet, and 888 Sport. As you can see in my video, I have already added 3 of those. Here’s why I have chosen these bonuses:

Note: Check out this spreadsheet we have made for Oddshero customers, revealing what bonus each bookie offers you.

  • Leovegas: Leovegas is going to be my main focus, as I only have 14 days to complete it, which is the shortest amount of time I have compared to the other bookmakers.

    Leovegas is one of the best bonuses out there, if you deposit 3000NOK, or €300 and turn it over 4 times at a minimum odds of 1.80, you get €300 to play with. So, it’s a pretty easy bonus to declare for a big amount of money.
  • Bet365: Of course I’ll do the Bet365 bonus, not only because it’s free to do inside the Oddshero software, but also because it's one of the easiest bonuses to complete.

    I’ll turn over the €100 bonus which only has a turnover requirement of 1 time, at a minimum odds of 1.2, but I’ll put it at 1.50 because if you put anything lower than that, you have to put so much money on the same bet at Sportmarket. But since it’s a low minimum odds it means you can basically play on any game you want. And you get 30 days to finish the bonus.
  • Betsson: A 2000kr, or €200 bonus which is a bit trickier to turn over compared to the previous ones as the turnover requirement is 8 times. You can play on a minimum odds of 1.50 and you get 30 days to complete it, which means you have plenty of time.
  • Mobilebet and 888Sport: I will explain the last two bonuses later on.

These 5 bonuses will hopefully grow my bankroll from €2,000, to around €2,900, which is a great profit for only a couple of weeks of sports betting.

By the way, when turning over a bonus it’s really important that you read the terms and conditions for every bonus carefully. Read this article as to why it’s so important.

Bet365 Bonus Terms and Conditions.

To do that you just search for, Bet365 bonus terms and condition, and then read through the the terms and conditions. This is in case they’ve changed any of their important stuff, such as turnover requirement, minimum odds and days you have to complete the bonus. After you read the terms and conditions, you simply put every preset into the Oddshero software.


Placing bets with Oddshero is really straightforward, as the software basically tells you which matches to put money on, just press “find bets”, follow the instructions, place the bets and repeat this until all the turnover requirements have been fulfilled.


If or when you sign up for the Oddshero Premium account it will give you the opportunity to clear a bunch of bonuses and grow your bankroll. As I said, I will hopefully turn my bankroll from €2,000 to €2,900 in less than a month, using 5 bookmakers!

When setting up your premium account you do get a couple of options, one of those is if you want to show lay bets or not.

Lay bets means to bet on something NOT to happen and is a very common thing to do on exchanges. Read this article to find out more about Lay Bets. Because of this, I will leave lay bets on, as it gives me more options, even though you can easily clear your bonuses without ever touching lay betting.

Remember that you can only place lay bets with the pro subscription and not the basic one. Another question when setting up my premium account is my default stake. I set my default stake at a €100, but I’m really just going to play around with it this week and come back to that in my week 1 video.


And that’s all you need to do to start your Matched Betting Journey! Remember, Matched Betting is a risk-free and time-efficient way to earn money and it’s so easy to do. All you need to do is to find a bonus, read the terms and conditions and then follow the step-by-step guide inside the Oddshero software.

I can’t wait to get started and show you guys my progress before I go over to Value Betting with Trademate Sports, I’ll see you guys next week.

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