Week 2 ($2,711): "Crazy variance & a 35% edge" | My Sports Betting Journey with Oddshero & Trademate

TOTAL PROFIT: $2,711 | TOTAL INVESTMENT: $1,823 | Week 2 Result: +263 | 20/2/20 - 04/3/20

Because I was a bit busy last week, I wasn’t able to give you all a weekly update, but here are my results from the last fortnight.

I was able to turnover two bonuses with 888Sport and Mobilebet, giving me approximately $300 in profits from Matched Betting.

On the other hand with Trademate, I went on one hell of a variance roller coaster ride as you’ll see in this article.

Note: The reason why my profits have risen so much in the past fortnight is because I have factored in the profits I have made that are sitting in my bank account and Neteller account (approx. $220). These funds are in reserve at the moment.

Below are my results from just Matched Betting with Oddshero, check out this article for my value betting results with Trademate.

Bigger stakes for faster turnover

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As you can see, I’ve been able to turn over more than one bonus in the past fortnight, both 888Sport and Mobilebet.

You might have also noticed that my strategy was a lot different for turning over the Mobilebet bonus in particular.

I went in with the strategy of wanting to win at the Cover Bookmaker (Sportmarket) so I could increase my bankroll there and be able to place bigger stakes in the future.

So, how did I do this? Well, all I did was set a high odds range for Mobilebet and place two bets of 2000kr.

My odds range was roughly 3.0 - 5.0, so by placing a bet in that odds range, most likely I’m going to lose that bet and win at Sportmarket.

Basically, what I’m trying to do is move my bonus funds from Mobilebet into Sportmarket. Yes, it is risky as I could lose on the Sportmarket side and have to deposit more money into my account again, but I believed the reward of having more funds in my Sportmarket account outweighed the risk.

It took me three bets to move over the sign-up bonus from Mobilebet to Sportmarket as one of the 2000kr bets voided. But in the end, it all worked out!

With a bigger bankroll in Sportmarket account now, I can place larger Matched Bets and turnover my future bonuses a lot quicker.

Screen Shot 2020 03 04 at 13 39 47

Mobilebet think I’m a terrible sports bettor (which is great!)

The best part about this strategy is that Mobilebet think I’m a terrible sports bettor, which is great for two reasons:

  1. When I use them for value betting with Trademate in the future, there is a chance that they won’t limit my account as quickly as I have a past record of losing.
  2. Because I have no money left in my account and they want me to keep betting with them, they have been sending me a lot of promotions to try and get me to deposit money back into account. For example, last week they sent me a promotion saying: “Deposit 500kr into your account and place it on an accumulator in the Champions League and we will give you two free 200kr bets.” Now I know this isn’t the greatest offer as I would need to place an accumulator and my free bets (in total 400kr) don’t exceed my deposit amount of 500kr, but it’s an offer that I wouldn’t have received if I had been more successful.

My strategy going forward

Moving forward I’m going to try and stick to this same strategy as much as possible for three reasons:

  1. I can get through the bonuses quicker and limit the amount of time I spend on Matched Betting.
  2. It’s better to withdraw money from my Sportmarket account as it doesn’t matter if I’m successful with them, they won’t limit me!
  3. For the reasons above, I may receive some enticing promotions and hopefully my accounts won’t get limited or gubbed as quick as they would’ve been if I am successful with value betting down the line.

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