Week 1 (+$2226): "The easiest $320 of my life" || My Sports Betting Journey with Oddshero & Trademate

Total Profit: $2,226 | Total Investment: $1,595 | 11/2/20 - 19/2/20

It was a decent first week using both the Oddshero and Trademate Sports betting softwares simultaneously!

I didn’t have the greatest week in terms of profits with Trademate but Matched Betting with Oddshero saved me, as I was able to turnover my sign-up bonus with Leo Vegas to make the easiest $320 of my life!

The best part was that it only took me 2 hours to turn it over!

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Oddshero Week 1 Results

Stats from Leo Vegas bonus.

It only took me about 5 days to turnover the Leo Vegas bonus, turning the 3,000kr bonus into 2,987kr of real money that I could withdraw if I wanted to.

Overall, Leo Vegas is a really easy website to use so I was able to place bets very quickly and easily.

I have estimated that it took me around 4 minutes to place each of my 30 bets, if I include all the bets that I didn’t place because of odds movements.

This means that it took me roughly 2 hours to make 2,987kr, which means I was working at an hourly rate of nearly 1500kr/hr!

Note: You can turnover bonuses as quickly as you want. You could stake 1000kr on each bet and be finished within 12 bets, or you could go even quicker by staking 3000kr on each bet!

It’s really up to you and whether you want to win your bets at the Cover or Bonus bookmaker, and how much time you want to spend.

If you have a large bankroll in your Cover Bookmaker that allows you to stake a bit more.

Current staking strategy

For me, on average, I was staking about 500kr on each Bonus bookie bet, but I did come up with a bit of a strategy.

As some of you might know, sometimes we’re happy to take a slight loss on a matched bet as long as it’s not too big.

Personally, I will take a bet as long as I don’t lose more than $1 or 10kr. With this in mind I came up with a staking strategy.

For the bets I knew I would make a profit, I staked more than normal, say 750kr+.

That means that I’m maximising the bets where I know I’m going to profit, so that when I do take a negative matched bet, my overall profits won’t take as big of a hit.

What can be annoying about Sportmarket

Although Matched Betting is risk-free and is guaranteed to make you money, an accidental mistake can shoot you in the foot.

Luckily for me I haven’t made any yet, but I did come across one problem with Sportmarket a couple of times.

Sometimes I would place a bet with Sportmarket and even though my stake didn’t exceed the max stake allowed, they would only place a portion of the stake.

For example, if I wanted to put $50 on Arsenal to win, they would only allow me to place $45.

This is quite annoying as you have to place an exact amount on either side of a Matched Bet for it to be done correctly and assure you of a certain profit/loss.

In these cases, I would then place the remaining $5 on another bookie inside Sportmarket, which most of the time is going to be offering lower odds.

So either you can make a rough calculation in your head and place something like $5.50 on the lower odds to even out the results, or just place $5 and make a bigger loss or profit depending on which way the bet goes.

New bonus bookie

Screen Shot 2020 02 20 at 13 22 11

Now that I’ve completed my first bonus using Oddshero, I need to find a new bonus bookie!

To help me do so, I used this spreadsheet which was made by Oddshero to find the best bonuses in your country.

So next week, I will be using Mobilebet, who offer a 2,000kr bonus on a 2,000kr deposit.

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