What is 1x2 in Sports Betting?

In Sports Betting there are many different types of bets you can place on one particular event. 1x2 is by far the most common type of sports bet placed and is a MUST KNOW if you’re interested in Matched Betting.

1x2 can also be referred to as 3-Way Betting or the more simpler term Full Time Result. If you’re placing a 1x2 bet, then you’re predicting the game to finish in one of three ways.

1x2 is used mostly in football matches as it shows the odds of the 3 outcomes of a football game.




Example (source Bet 365):

Bet365 using the 1x2 system

As you can see above, Bet 365 uses the 1x2 system to show the odds for the Sheff Utd v Man Utd football match.

1 - The odds are 3.50 for a Sheff Utd win

X - The odds are 3.2 for a draw

2 - The odds are 2.15 for a Man Utd win

If we were looking to place a bet on Sheff Utd to win, then we would see that Sheff Utd is listed as the HOME team and we would focus on 1.

It is important to know that not all bookmakers use the 1x2 system and you will regularly see the bet under Full Time Result.

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