What is a Betting Agent and How Much Do They Cost?

In simple terms, the answer to “What is a Betting Agent?” is that it’s a person (or company) who makes betting easy for you. Instead of having an account at every bookmaker out there and betting with them directly, you can bet through a betting agent who has an account with multiple bookies.

So, rather than making dozens or hundreds of different accounts, you only need one single account with your betting agent. Some betting agents leave betting to the players, while others may be willing to take care of everything for the client.

Other incentives for using a betting agent include the fact that they can provide you access to bookmakers that don’t accept players from your area, while some of them may be able to get better odds and higher limits for your bets.

In return, you will have to pay for their services. How much do they cost? It all depends on which betting agent you choose. Some of them earn their money through the bookmaker commission, so they don’t have to charge their clients anything.

Betting Agent and Betting Broker – Is There a Difference?

Betting agent and betting broker are terms that many use interchangeably. In fact, even BetInAsia, which is a famous betting brokerage, refers to itself as a betting agent on its website.

Strictly speaking, BetInAsia is both a betting agent and a betting broker. The same goes for another betting brokerage we recommend – Sportmarket. Both of these betting brokers are free to use!

The main selling point of these companies is that they provide you with access to several Asian bookmakers famous for attractive odds. That’s what makes them betting brokerages by definition. However, there are a few additional features that make them betting agents as well.

BetInAsia and Sportmarket have special deals with some Asian bookmakers which allow them to offer their clients better odds. They can also provide you with higher stake limits, which can come very useful if you decide to start with Value Betting once your Matched Betting adventure is over.

Finally, they also have teams of traders who can take care of everything betting-related for you. The whole process is via Skype. Your job is to tell them what and where to bet and they will take care of the rest.

Why Would You Need to Use Betting Agent’s Services?

Why Use a Betting Agent?

Some online bookmakers have focused their business on one specific market. As a result, they only accept players from that country/region. If you’re not located there, you cannot bet. At least not the usual way. However, you can use the service of a betting agent who has an account at the sportsbook in question.

Another reason is that by using a betting agent, no one will know how much money you’ve wagered. Your private information stays with the agent, who has no need to share it with the bookmakers. The fact that you’re going to stay anonymous means that you can have an agent place bets for you at those bookmakers that have suspended or limited your own account.

Furthermore, some agents have special arrangements with bookmakers which enable them to offer their clients boosted odds, as well as many special bonuses and promotions. A betting agent might also be able to secure a better deal for you regarding stakes.

Still, the main argument for using the services of betting agents is that this way, you get access to multiple bookmakers in one go. If you’re wondering who needs so many accounts, the answer is: a professional sports bettor.

Professional bettors are those bettors who win. To ensure the money comes their way rather than the opposite, they usually use some sort of math-based betting strategy. One method that belongs to this category is Matched Betting.

Betting Agents and Matched Betting?

To understand why you need a lot of sportsbook accounts to do Matched Betting, first, you need to understand how this method works.

In a nutshell, the point of Matched betting is to take advantage of bonuses by betting the bonus funds on one outcome and make a Cover bet on the exact opposite with your own money. One of the things your profit depends on is how good the odds for your Cover bet are. The better the odds, the more money will come your way.

For this reason, you need to have accounts at bookmakers that offer attractive betting odds. This way, you have the luxury to pick the best odds for your Cover bet.

Betting Agents for Oddshero

Oddshero is a Matched Betting tool that works with more than 100 different bookmakers. Some of those are used as Bonus Bookmakers, that is, those whose bonus deals you are supposed to take advantage of. Others, however, are meant to be Cover Bookmakers.

All this means that you will have to create a lot of accounts during your Matched Betting journey. Creating an account is a process that usually takes a couple of minutes, but it can sometimes take quite a while. You need to enter your personal details and confirm your email before your account is set.

Then you need to confirm your account by providing a photocopy of your ID, driver’s license, or passport.

The good news is that you can avoid this by adding betting agents to the equation. Still, we advise caution: not all betting agents are good enough for you.

In fact, the only two betting agents (brokers) that we can vouch for are BetInAsia and Sportmarket. Signing up to these brokerages would definitely help you out a lot with your Matched Betting exploits.

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