What is Advantage Gambling?

Advantage gambling is an umbrella term referring to a variety of methods meant to help a player gain an advantage over a casino or a bookmaker. One important thing to remember about these methods is that they are all legal. Advantage gambling is not cheating!

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Top 3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Advantage gambling refers to legal methods for making sure profits at casinos/sportsbooks.
  2. Matched Betting is a good example of advantage gambling.
  3. Oddshero is your ally in Matched Betting, as well as arbing.

Definition of Advantage Gambling

All the methods that are used to perform advantage betting are based on mathematics instead of luck. This fact makes any form of advantage gambling a bulletproof method for making profits at casino/sportsbooks.

In order to be called advantage gambling, a method needs to be completely legal. If it’s not legal, it’s cheating. The fact that advantage gambling is legal means that you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with the law. Still, it also doesn’t mean you’re going to be congratulated by the casino/sportsbook for doing it. On the contrary, they’re going to try to stop you from gaining an advantage over them.

This is why you have to play smart and do all you can to outwit your opponent, which in this case is the casino or sportsbook. The tricks you use to ensure you stay under the radar is something that depends on the kind of advantage gambling method you utilize.

Definition of Advantage Gambling

Different methods require different measures to ensure profits. For instance, if you’re going to do advantage gambling in blackjack, you would need certain skills such as counting cards; if your gambling game of choice if poker, you would need to master poker-playing skills such as angle shooting.

If you’re going to do advantage gambling in sports betting, you’re going to need the help of a software tool such as Oddshero. Our tool is meant to help the players gain an advantage over bookmakers by doing matched betting, which is the prime example of advantage gambling.

Matched Betting – Best Example of Advantage Gambling

Matched betting is one of the most popular types of advantage gambling and its popularity is increasing all the time. The reason why matched betting is getting all the attention in the advantage gambling community is that it really works.

To understand why matched betting is still a profitable advantage gambling method in 2020, you need to understand how this method works. What matched betting does is it takes advantage of bookmakers’ bonus offers.

Considering that a big majority of online bookmakers are giving away some kind of bonus, a player can use matched betting principles to turn the bonus funds into real money. Basically, what you have to do is place the free bet on a certain outcome, while simultaneously betting that the same outcome is not going to happen. It is possible to bet that something will not happen thanks to the existence of betting exchanges such as Betfair or Matchbook.

By doing matched betting, you are practically wagering only one bet with your money. It’s the so-called lay bet that you’re placing at the betting exchange. The other bet is made through using the bonus funds, which are free. Of course, in order to receive the bonus funds, you would probably have to make a deposit with your own cash, which complicates things a little bit.

The good news is, is that you’re not left on your own; instead of trying to figure out what bets to place and where, you can let Oddshero take care of everything. Our software will help you find the best bookmaker bonuses, as well as come up with exactly the kind of lay bet you should make at a betting exchange in order to get a profit, regardless of the outcome.

When using Oddshero to do matched betting with a bonus-giving bookmaker and a betting exchange, you need to have a paid subscription. There is, however, a free alternative. You can use the free version of Oddshero to do matched betting at two bookmakers.

Betting on Liverpool

How it works is that the second bookmaker takes the role of a betting exchange. For example, if you’re betting on Liverpool at the Bonus Bookmaker, you will have to bet double chance Leicester/Draw at Bookmaker 2.

With betting exchanges, you have the luxury to offer your own odds and wait for players to match your bet. With regular bookmakers, you have no other option but to go with the odds offered by the bookie. The result is that you are not going to make as big profits as if you were using the first option. Sometimes, however, you may come across such odds at two different bookmakers that would bring you fantastic profits.

Oddshero is a software tool that finds the best possible odds, ensuring that you will get the most out of your matched betting campaign. Sometimes, though, the odds are so good that you can get sure profits even if you take the bonus out of the equation. Our software may find odds at two or more bookmakers which are set in such a way that if you cover all the possible outcomes, you are going to win money no matter what. This betting method is called arbing in advantage gambling circles.

Is Arbing a Sort of Advantage Gambling?

Arbitrage betting or arbing is a math-based method that takes advantage of odds disparity at two or more different bookmakers. Arbing is only possible when odds that represent mutually exclusive outcomes are set in such a way that if you cover all of them, you will win a profit regardless of how the event ends.

Let’s take an NBA game between the Golden State Warriors and New Orleans Pelicans as an example. If the odds on the Warriors are 2.10 at Bookmaker 1 and the same odds are given by Bookmaker 2 on the Pelicans, it is considered an arb. The reason is that if you put €100 on each possible outcome, you would earn a profit of €10 regardless of which team won the game.

As you can see, arbing is a pretty simple method, which is 100% legal. Unfortunately, the chances that you would get rich through arbing in 2020 are pretty slim. The reason is that finding such arbs as in the example above is almost a mission impossible. In fact, a big majority of arbs bring a profit of only 1%. This means that in order to make decent money, you would need to invest a lot.

Unfortunately, even if you had an unlimited arbing budget, you still wouldn’t be able to make use of it. The thing is that most sportsbooks do not allow placing too high of stakes, especially on bets flagged as potential arbs. Even if you managed to do so once, your account would likely end up gubbed the next time you tried to do the same.

Advantage Gambling in Card Games

Advantage Gambling in Card Games

Apart from being used to gain an advantage over bookmakers, advantage gambling methods are also used in casinos, both brick-and-mortar ones and online casinos. These methods are also commonly used by card players to get an advantage over their opponents. Angle shooting is one such method.

This method is used in poker in order to win hands against less-experienced players. Although it’s considered unethical, angle shooting is completely legal. How it works is that it makes the players think the angler is going to act differently than what their intention actually is.

Another advantage gambling method used in card games is card counting. Unlike angle shooting, this method is not aimed at other card players but at the dealer. Through card counting, the player takes the money from the house, rather than winning against fellow players. This is the reason why many casinos are using all sorts of strategies to figure out who is using this method. The bad news for card-counters is that casinos have become very skillful in busting them.

Can You Make a Living Off Advantage Gambling?

By definition, professional bettors are those who bet to make their living rather than to have fun. Professional bettors never rely on luck. Instead, they rely on their skills to earn their fortune. Using skills is possible in certain games, such as poker, but in some, luck is the only factor.

Sports betting, however, combines luck and skills. In order to make money, bettors need to possess a lot of knowledge about sports. Unfortunately, without luck on their side, they often end up empty-handed. That is the reason why many players with money on their mind decide to remove luck out of the equation. Instead of leaving anything to chance, they decide to rely on maths.

The result is that a big majority of successful professional bettors use some kind of mathematics-based strategy. Whether it’s some staking tactic or some sort of advantage gambling method, pro bettors tend to stick to them. This approach might not be as exciting as regular old-fashioned gambling, but on the other hand, they bring sure profits.

If you are wondering if it’s possible to make a living off advantage gambling, the answer is YES! What you need to be aware of, however, is that you would need to invest a little bit of time and effort in order to get anything from these methods. The good news is, is that if you choose to go with Matched Betting, you will have Oddshero by your side. Our tool will take care of all the hard work, making your only job to collect the spoils.

By using the Oddshero Matched Betting software, you are very likely to make profits, the only question is how big those profits are going to be. To ensure you get the most out of this method, our advice is to learn as much as you can about Matched Betting. Our blog is your perfect source of information on this matter.

3 Takeaways

  1. Advantage gambling is based on mathematics and skills.
  2. There’s no room for luck in advantage gambling.
  3. Matched Betting is a type of advantage gambling and you can do it with Oddshero’s help!

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