What is Sportmarket? A Sports Betting Brokerage

Even if you have been a sports bettor for many years, there is a chance that you have not heard of the the concept of betting brokerages (also known as agents or bet brokers). If you’re not familiar with this, don’t worry. In this article, Oddshero will explain you how it works to use a betting brokerage firm like Sportmarket plus the advantages of doing so.

3 Key Takeaways

  1. Sportmarket is one the best and most trusted bet broker and it’s ideal to use along with Oddshero for matched betting.
  2. With Sportmarket you have access to multiple bookies and exchanges with just one account.
  3. Sportmarket is free to use. They make their money by getting a commission from the bookmakers they support. You will be able to place much larger bets with them, than with regular bookies and at better prices (higher odds).

All you have to know about Sportmarket and why is different to other bet broker services

As mentioned before, Sportmarket is a bet broker service that when used along with Oddshero will make your matched betting a lot easier. They will provide you the best odds that different bookmakers are offering, in general higher than what the typical European bookmaker like Unibet or Bet365 will offer. They enable you to bet with these bookmakers with just 1 account. Unlike other bet broker services, Sportmarket is free of charge for the players and makes their money by getting a commission from the bookmakers.

Sportmarket is only affiliated with some of the most respected bookmakers in the business. So players can be sure their money is in safe hands.

Another definition for Sportmarket is that they act as an intermediate, between the players and bookmakers. They don’t lay parts of your bet. Their income comes from small commissions received from the bookmakers, which are turnover based, and thus not dependent on whether the player wins or loses.

Benefits of Sportmarket Pro account

1. High betting limits

Sportmarket is perfect for professional bettors or long term winners who want to bet high stakes on the best odds offered by different bookmakers. This is smart because many bookmakers refuse huge bets so they can maintain balanced books or they just want to reduce risks and don’t want you to bet on value.

2. You just need 1 account for betting on multiple bookmakers and betting exchanges

With Sportmarket you have access to many bookmakers and betting exchanges with just one account. You don’t have to separate your sports betting accounts to achieve your total stake target.

A Spormarket account will save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend searching for the best odds across multiple websites and managing your bankroll at the different bookmakers.

3. Mobile Sports Betting

Sportmarket has developed a great mobile app where you can check all your bets and all the sports events you’re looking forward to placing a bet on, with all the information you need about the best odds, wherever you are.

4. With Sportmarket you can bet on more than 10 sports

With Sportmarket you’re able to place your bets on some of the most popular sports in the world. Hence, the more you bet on different sports the more useful Sportmarket becomes. As you know, every competition has its own season during the year, which means if Premier League is on a summer break, you can bet on MLB games until the football action returns in August.

5. Reliable bookmakers

Sportmarket has partnerships with some of the most important and reliable bookmakers and betting exchangers (Betfair, Betdaq, ,IBC, ISN, Matchbook, Pinnacle and SBO. Plus a few smaller ones like Ga288 (GalaxyBet) and RedZone. They also support Singbet, but this is a bookmaker we recommend to avoid as they will void a lot of your bets. Using Sportmarket along with a the Oddshero tool is great, as it provides you with the highest odds you can get in the market for placing your cover bets.

6. It’s free to use and they have excellent Customer Service

Sportmarket is free to use as they make money by getting a small commission from your betting turnover. Not your loses. This is an important detail. As the commissions earned by Sportmarket comes from the bookmaker when you make transactions through their bet broker service, it is not important for them if you win or lose. Unlike tipsters who typically make money based on how much money you lose at the bookmakers.

Their customer support is friendly and extremely fast. Their KYC process can be a bit tedious as they are very thorough. But this should be seen as a sign that they are serious about their business.

7. Interface to Overseas Bookmakers

Technically, there is a limited number of bookmakers you can legally access in your country of residence. As you know, restrictions for online betting sites change in every country. However, Sportmarket can provide you an interface to a vast number of odds offered by bookmakers both, inside and outside of your jurisdiction. So indirectly, you’re able to place stakes on particular sports and markets, thanks to your Sportmarket account, when they’re only available in other countries. That being said, Sportmarket doesn’t accept customers from any country, notably US and UK players are not accepted. You can either see during the signup process whether you can use them or ask if you’re country is eligible.

Oddshero matched betting and Sportmarket.

As you know, Oddshero is a matched betting platform that helps you to turn free bonuses offered by bookmakers into real money, besides, Oddshero saves your profits from evil bookmakers. Sportmarket is a great complementary tool to use in addition to Oddshero. Sign up for an account at their website.

Finally, let us give you an example of how Oddshero works with Sportmarket:

Once you have found a sign-up bonus with Bet365 for instance and placed a bonus bet from Oddshero at that bookmaker. You will need a 2nd bookmaker for placing your cover bet and complete your matched bet. So you place the cover bet with Sportmarket at the highest odds in the market and you are then one step closer to clear your sign up bonus.

Watch this video to understand how Oddshero and Sportmarket work: Getting started with Oddshero.

How Much Does It Cost? How do you pay or withdraw?

All deposits, withdrawals, and transfers are made through your main Sportmarket account even if you only place bets through Sportmarket Pro.

You can transfer funds between your main Sportmarket account and Sportmarket Pro when logged in at www.sportmarket.com.

Anyway, Sportmarket recommends that you use bank transfer as the preferred method to deposit and withdraw with Sportmarket. Bank transfers are normally cheap and quick. On top of that, you should be advised that Sportmarket is able to receive payments exclusively in EUR via SEPA transfers

If you want to deposit in a currency different from the one you have on your main Sportmarket account, you have to get in touch with the support team so they can see how to avoid or minimize the exchange fees.

Check the image below and the link to know about deposits, withdrawals, transfers & fees.

Sportmarket deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and fees

An alternative to Sportmarket is BetInAsia (You can read more about BetInAsia here).

3 Key Takeaways

  1. Sportmarket is one the best and most reliable betting brokerages in the market. Its access is easy and free for all types of bettors.
  2. You only need one account for betting with multiple bookmakers and betting exchanges.
  3. It is free to use and Sportmarket only works with trustworthy bookmakers.

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