What is The Best Way for Students to Make Money Online?

Getting a side income while studying can greatly improve your university experience

You probably don’t want to be an ordinary student, who is not able to afford doing anything fun, besides studying. You feel you need to do something special, something that will go beyond everyone’s expectations. You could get a job at the local grocery store. But that’s boring. But what if there was a way you could make a second income while working from home? This is not only about making money. Nor is it a magic trick. It is about being smart and finding the best option to get a side income. Making money will not give you happiness, but just imagine being a student and having already money, without needing a job before you graduate. No debts, no worries, no problem!

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Matched Betting, the best way to make money as a student

Well, the number one way to make money online, if you are a student, is Matched Betting. After you finish the article, you can watch this video tutorial on how matched betting works. There are many advantages to matched betting. Maybe you know some friends that have done it, you are curious but you are still hesitating about doing it or not. If so you could ask how they did it or you can continue reading.

Luckily, Oddshero is here to show you how its is done and clarify all the questions you might have about matched betting. Don’t worry! Your parents will not be mad at you, as soon as they see your wallet (just kidding, no one shows his wallet).

What is matched betting?

In simple words, matched betting is a way to turn free bonuses offered by the bookmakers into real money. Basically, you only need to bet on all the outcomes of a sporting event, for instance a football match. So you would bet on both over and under 2.5 goals in the Premier League game between Chelsea - Arsenal. That is why this kind of wager is known as risk-free bet or double bet. Perfect for a student who does not want to lose money.

How does matched betting work?

At first you have to sign-up for a free bonus offered by any bookmaker, so, in order to turn this incentive into real money you have to start back betting, which is a normal bet on one possible outcome of a football match. If we just placed this bet and the result was the opposite of what you bet on, you would lose your money. But with matched betting, we can prevent this from happening.

The main goal of matched betting is to not lose money on the “matched bets” we make. Therefore you have to make a cover bet (also referred to as laying, but inside Oddshero we place to back bets on opposite outcomes instead of laying), so you cover your risk by betting on the other possible outcome, this way, you will not lose anything, if you do the process right. Next, you simply repeat this process until you are able to release the main bonus and turning it into real money. If you start out with €100 to clear a €100 bonus and place €20 bets, you could clear the bonus in only 5 bets! That’s pretty fast!

What do you need for a matched betting?

  1. Get free sign-up bonus offered by a bookmaker.
  2. Use Oddshero to show you which matched bets to place. Getting started with is free!
  3. Create an account with the bookmaker to start placing backing bets to release the bonus.
  4. Use Sportmarket, BetInAsia or a betting exchange account to place cover bets to cover the other possible outcomes.

Also: Once you have your sign-up bonus, you can enter to Oddshero. It will take care of everything.

Why is matched betting the best way to make for students?

As a student, it is practical for you to earn some cash through betting as you can work from home and it does not require a lot of money to get started. Next, we will mention some of the benefits of matched betting.

1. It is risk-free

If you read carefully on this article, or if you try Oddshero, it won’t take a long time for you to understand there is no risk when matched betting. The only possibility of losing money is if one makes a mistake. Which you can read more about how to avoid in this article. The method itself is simple maths and that’s always right.

2. You will not bother your parents

Sometimes you can struggle at keeping expenses low, especially at the university. What is your first idea to solve your little financial problem? Asking your parents for a loan, and you know it can get to point at which you will have to beg your parents for some cash. The good news is: with matched betting that will not happen. Your parents will know you don’t visit them for money, but because you love them!

3. Flexible work hours

With matched betting students are able to make up to €500 per week while spending only 15 hours per week. It is not a problem if you spent the whole day out, two hours every evening (or midday if you enjoy sleeping) is enough.

4. You are your own boss

As it was mentioned before, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on matched betting, and even better, you are your own boss, you do not have to go to an office or worrying because you are getting late. You can do it everywhere, at university, at your favorite bar, at home, even in the metro.

5. Increase your student budget

Instead of slowly (or quickly) spending your student maintenance, with matched betting you are able to increase your budget. So you don’t have to wait for the next deposit of your student loan to hit on your bank account. You will have a great backup plan, maybe you will not even need to withdraw money from your bank account.

You will have more time for studying… or maybe not

As matched betting will give you the possibility to a side income without spending a lot of time, you will have more time to hang out with friends, partying, or studying, which is the most important thing at uni. You just have to commit a bit of time per week to beat the sign up bonuses and have a simple and relaxed life.

6. It is completely legal

You have already read what is matched betting and how it works. If so it should be clear that this is not a scam, nor is it to good to be true. If you google matched betting, you will find that a lot of major newspapers like the Guardian have written about it. It is also 100% legal, so we can assure you that the cops will not be knocking at your door while you are watching football.

7. For those who hate sports: You don’t need to know anything about sports

This is one of the greatest things about matched betting. Maybe you don’t even like sports, but you still can do it. You just have to learn to read all the necessary data and follow all the steps we already mentioned before, and that’s it!

8. For those who love sports: This is an excuse to watch your favorite team

If you have a matched bet on, you can still enjoy your team winning, without risking any money. Cause you win regardless of the result. But still it’s a lot of fun if the bet on your favorite team is the one that wins. Either way you can relax and enjoy the game!

9. There is a lot of info about matched betting online

This is why understanding matched betting is so easy. You have a lot of excellent information available. Matched betting as a proven way of making money from sports betting is well covered on the internet through; tutorials, blogs, videos and tools like Oddshero. Our goal is that this blog and the Oddshero will be the only thing you’ll ever need to make money from matched betting.

10. You don’t need a lot of money to get started.

Perhaps you think you have to spend a lot of money on matched betting, but that is just a myth. For example, if a bookmaker offers to match your deposit of €10, you could start with as little as €20 in total. Placing €10 on the back bet and €10 on the cover bet. It is free to get started with the Bet365 sign up bonus. But we do recommend to always max out the bookmaker sign up bonuses, cause they are so easy to beat and you only get 1 of them. To do so you would need €100 for the Bonus Bookmaker like Bet365 and €100 for the Cover Bookmaker like Sportmarket or Matchbook. NB! Sportmarket has a minimum deposit of €250, so if you want to start with less, you would have to use either Matchbook or Betfair exchange as your cover bookmaker. And remember, once you have completed the sign up bonus, you will be getting your initial deposit back! So there is no need to be upset!

Are there any cons with matched betting?

Unfortunately, yes there are some cons. Nevertheless, it is totally worth it to give it a try. But we will tell you some things you should know:

  1. The number of bonuses and free bets decrease over time, which will establish a limit on the amount you can make from it.
  2. You do need to put in some time to clear the bonuses. It is a side job after all. Just the coolest that exists as you are beating the bookies with just a laptop from your living room!
  3. Your incomes are dependent on the size of your bonuses, so they could be really small, if you only make small deposits.

Key Takeaway

We hope you now understand what matched betting is, and that it could be totally worth it for you to try. Remember, getting started is free. And it does not require much time per week or a lot of money to get started. Time is not a problem, money either. So why not give it a shot? If you still have questions or uncertainties, don’t worry, we have plenty of articles to teach you more about matched betting.

Matched Betting is actually quite simple to do, especially for smart people like you. Even better if you love sports like football, but if you hate it, that’s not a problem either! You can even place some matched bets while you are studying. So, it won’t affect your studies negatively either, unlike a regular side job, where you need to spend more time working and also on the commute So check out Oddshero read a little bit more, reflect on it and whenever you are ready, start making some profits from matched betting!

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