What Do I Do After I’ve Cleared All of My Sign Up Bonuses?

If this question has been on your mind, you probably know how to do Matched Betting. If not, you can learn the basics of it in this blog article.

By definition, Matched Betting is a method that takes advantage of bonuses given by online bookmakers. The better the bonus deal, the bigger profits you can make. So, which bonuses are the best? Sign up bonuses!

The problem with sign up bonuses is that they don’t last forever, so what should you do after you’re cleared them all? Read on!

Double Check Our 100+ Bonus Bookmakers

First things first, double check that you haven’t missed out on any sign up bonuses that the Oddshero Matched Betting software supports.

The best way to do this is:

  1. Join the Oddshero Matched Betting Facebook group. Click here to join in!
  2. Check out the spreadsheet pinned to the top of the group with up-to-date bonus deals and terms. By looking at that spreadsheet, you will be able to see what the best bonus deals are for your country and any that you have missed out on so far.

If you take a look at the list and see that there aren’t any sign-up bonuses left for you, you can also make use of other types of bonuses.

Making Use of Other Types of Bonuses

We have discussed all the types of bonuses you can use for Matched Betting in a separate blog post, so make sure to check that one out as well.

In a nutshell, if there’s a bonus that your bookmaker is giving away, you can use it for Matched Betting. The trouble is that, in most cases, they aren’t as good as sign up bonuses. We say ‘in most cases’ because sometimes bookmakers decide to offer some really awesome reload bonus deals.

An Example of a Bonus Offer Given by Betway

If you’re not familiar with the term, a reload bonus is practically the same as the sign up bonus, the difference being is that you get it for your second deposit. Sometimes, the reload bonus is equal to the welcome bonus, although most of the time, these bonuses are WAY smaller.

In some cases, reload bonuses are also available on your third or even fourth deposit. There are also some bookmakers that give away ‘special’ bonuses such as the refer-a-friend bonus, birthday bonus, or a bonus meant to promote a special occasion/event (e.g. Olympics bonus). We will do our best to keep you posted regarding such offers.

Moving On to Value Betting

In our opinion, the next logical step after Matched Betting is Value Betting. If you’re not familiar with this strategy, we have a fantastic article at Oddshero Blog which you should read. Click here to go to the article we’re talking about!

When you reach the point when there are no good bonuses left to be used, it means that your Matched Betting adventure has come to an end. However, this doesn’t mean your money-making journey is over. On the contrary, it just moves on to the next stage.

Basically, Value Betting takes advantage of odds discrepancies between soft and sharp bookmakers. Same as Matched Betting, this strategy too is based on mathematical algorithms. Another similarity between the two methods is that you can’t do them on your own. Instead, you need the help of an advanced software tool.

Luckily for you, Trademate Sports is there to help you. Developed by the same people who brought Oddshero to you, this software can help you earn thousands of Euros a month. In fact, there are some bettors who have made millions using this method as evident from the video below.

One of the biggest differences between Matched Betting and Value Betting is that the latter one requires a bigger investment. You can start Matched Betting with only a few hundred Euros, while Value Betting requires at least €1000 to start with.

The good news is that you should have that kind of money once you’ve finished with Matched Betting.

To find out more about what Value Betting with Trademate Sports is, read the article we wrote about them!

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