Why Beginners Should Focus Entirely On The Signup Bonuses

Matched betting is one of the best ways to make a consistent online income due to the volume of offers available to us.

Once we have completed all of the signup bonuses, we can continue to earn through Reload Offers and these become available almost immediately.

However, we highly recommend you to wait and complete all of the Signup bonuses first.

Here’s why.


One of the great things about Matched Betting is the fact it is practically the only risk-free way to make money online.

Matched Betting is risk-free because we are covering all of the outcomes of an event and will profit no matter the result. The only element of risk involved in Matched Betting is human error. If we place the wrong bets or forget to cover our bets then we may lose money.

Here at Oddshero, we have years of experience Matched Betting and we can tell you that every member of our team has made a mistake which has cost them money!

It’s almost a rite of passage for any Matched Bettor.

But with all of our experience Matched Betting, we can tell you that our mistakes have all came from completing a Reload Offer! This is because the Reload Offers can be complicated and require multiple stages to complete.

Mistakes are very rare when doing the signup bonuses as you are simply placing two bets on one event. With the help of our Oddshero oddsmatcher software, we show you exactly which bets to place to complete your signup bonus.

Oddshero integrated oddsmatcher

Because there is almost a guarantee that you will one day make a mistake on the Reload Offers, we recommend all beginners to build up their bankroll as much as they can. This way, the money that you will lose will technically not be your own and will be from the profits you make from the signup bonuses.

If you start your Matched Betting journey with the OddsHero minimum recommended €200 and complete all of the signup bonuses available, you can expect to earn around €3000.

Yes you read correctly, €3000 return from €200.

Now, because you shouldn’t make any errors while completing the signup bonuses, that means you will have made €2800 profit from the signups alone.

Once you have completed all of the signup bonuses, you will probably be addicted to making money through Matched Betting and want to carry on. Well, now at that point, it is the perfect time to start looking at the Reload Offers because you have €2800 to work with.

All of that €2800 is profit and if you do make a mistake on a Reload Offer, the money you lose came from the signup bonuses anyway. You will not be losing any of your original money.

Building up a bankroll is crucial for all Matched Bettors as it gives you the peace of mind when you want to move onto the more advanced Reload Offers.

Some Reload Offers require hundreds of euros for each offer so you cannot complete them without a large bankroll.

Below we go into detail about a very popular Reload Offer - 2UP. The 2UP offer is one of the most lucrative in Matched Betting and it is recommend you don't start this with less than €1500.

Understand the Principles of Matched Betting

As mentioned before, the basics principles of Matched Betting are extremely simple, a two stage process. All we have to do is place a Bonus bet on a bookmaker for one team and then COVER the bet on a sports betting exchange.

Learn more about the basics of Matched Betting

You should become very confident in how to do the signups once you complete a few of them. This is because all of the signup bonuses are practically the same type of offer.

This CANNOT be said for the Reload Offers.

The Types of Reload Offers

The types of Reload Offers vary dramatically as different bookmakers create new types of offers to draw in the punters.

Each Reload Offer is different and it can be become very overwhelming if you try to complete all of them at once.

Let us run through some of the most popular Reload Offers


Bet & Get offers are very simple to understand as they use the exact same methodology as the signup bonuses.

A Bet & Get offer is where a bookmaker will send you a Bet £ to receive £ Free bet.

Here is an example.

Bookmakers regularly send our Bet & Get offers

As seen above, William Hill is offering their customers the chance to receive a £5 Free bet if they place a £10 bet on an England game.

To profit from this offer, we would treat it the same as if we were completing a signup bonus. We would place a £10 BONUS bet on William Hill and then COVER the bet on an exchange.

Once the bet has settled, we will receive a £5 free bet and then using the free bet we place a BONUS bet on William Hill and COVER it on an exchange.

Bet & Get are the most frequent offers sent out by bookmakers and also the best way for us to profit!



Horse racing is one of the most heavily punted sports in betting, and bookmakers regularly send out offers to users.

The most popular offers from bookmakers is the MONEY BACK if the horse finishes in a certain position.

Money back if Horse finishes 2nd

Here you can see the banner for a horse racing offer available to Paddy Power customers where we will receive our money back if the horse finishes 2nd.

Now normally people who bet on horse races want their horses to win, not to finish 2nd!

But we aren’t normal people.

Here is how we complete them.

Just like the signup bonuses and the Bet & Get offers, we only have to place two bets. We will place a BONUS bet on a particular horse to win on Paddy Power, preferably on a low odds horse which will increase its chance of coming second.

We then COVER the bet on a betting exchange to eliminate all of the risk. For every €10 we place on a horse we will expect to lose 50c. This means that we have less than 20 attempts at our horse finishing second for us to profit!

If our HORSE finishes second then we will receive our €10 back and our profit will be €9.50.

Or we will receive a €10 free bet which we will have to BACK and COVER and our profit will be around €8.

Either way Horse racing offers can be extremely lucrative and a MUST for all Matched Bettors.


2UP offered by Bet365

Above you can see the banner for the extremely popular 2UP offer available on Bet365.

2UP is an offer where the bookmaker will pay out your bet if your team goes two goals ahead.

But how do we profit from this? Let us show you.


If we place a bet on Liverpool to win on Bet365, the bookmaker will automatically payout if Liverpool go two goals in front. E.g. 2-0, 3-1,4-2 etc

Now, if Liverpool were to go 2-0 up and throw away their lead, we would receive a payout from the bookmaker AND the exchange!

This would give us HUGE profits from the match and with a €50 stake we could receive €200+ returns per 2UP.

However, there is also another way for us to profit off of this offer without Liverpool needing to completely throw away their lead.

Once Liverpool have their 2 goal lead, the odds of them not winning become extremely small, so to increase our chances of walking away with a profit, we can cash out the exchange bet if Liverpool only concede 1 goal.

If Liverpool concede and the lead becomes only 1 goal, the odds increase as it becomes more likely they will not win.

We can use this fluctuation in the odds to cash out our exchange bet for profit. If we use this method for 2UP, our strike rate dramatically increases as it is more likely than a full 2UP. However, the profits aren’t as high than if we were to hope for a full turnaround.

Over the long term, the Expected Value(EV) of both methods is the same so it is entirely up to you which method you want to do.

Many More

Above is just a small snippet into the world of Reload Offers available to those Matched Bettors who have built up their experience and bankroll.

When you have become a master in completing the signup bonuses and want to move into the Reload Offers, we highly recommend that you focus on one offer at a time.

Due to the amount of offers available, you would need to place a high amount of bets to complete all of the offers. Now this is very common for experienced Match Bettors but for beginners it can become overwhelming very quickly.

By taking one offer at a time, you can become an expert in that particular one and then move onto the next!


Matched Betting at its core is an extremely simple way for anyone 18+ to make a second income online.

However, you will find it much more successful if you concentrate on one stage at a time and don’t rush into the Reload Offers.

If you have any questions then please get in touch!

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