Why You Should Agree to Email Marketing when Matched Betting

In the modern world our email inboxes are spammed with marketing emails from companies we have never even heard of.

Every website now requires you to signup to their database with an email so they can sell to you and it is common practice for people to always click no to email marketing.

But that isn’t what we recommend for Matched Bettors.

It is crucial that you agree to ALL forms of email marketing when signing up to a new bookmaker.

Let us show you why.

Matched Betting Reload Offers

Once you have completed all of the 70 signup bonuses we have here on Oddshero, we want to make sure we continue to earn.

Bookmakers are all vying for your attention and more importantly your money. This is why they will regularly send out offers to entice you into betting with them. These are known as Reload Offers.

Now using the methods of Matched Betting, just like the signup bonuses, we can guarantee ourselves some profit.

Here is an example:

Bet365 offering their customers a  £10 Free bet

As you can see, Bet365 have offered a £10 free bet purely because you have been placing bets with them.

£10 may not sound like much but with Matched Betting we can guarantee ourselves £8 with less than 5 minutes of work.

With all of the bookmakers out there, it only takes a few daily emails to make a very nice profit.

Another example:

£5 Free when we bet £10 on the NBA

Here is a regular offer known as a Bet & Get.

The bookmaker(William Hill above) is offering us the chance to receive a £5 Free bet if we place a £10 pre-match bet on an NBA game.

Again, using the principles of Matched Betting we can guarantee ourselves £4 profit in 5 minutes.

MoPlay offering £10 if we bet £20 on Champions League

Here we have another Bet & Get offer from the bookmaker MoPlay. They are offering us the chance to earn a £10 free bet if we place a £20 pre-match on the midweek Champions League fixtures.

We can expect to make £8 from this offer.

These three examples are just a glimpse of the offers the bookmakers will send out to you via email.

We would be making £20 profit from these offers in less than 15 minutes of work! Now that is a decent hourly wage.

Use a separate email for Matched Betting

Now we know how much there is to make from the Reload Offers, it is vital that you don’t miss any emails you receive from the bookmakers.

This is why we recommend you to create a new, separate email address dedicated entirely to your Matched Betting.

By creating a separate email address you can divide your Matched Betting and personal life and have all your Matched Betting content in one place.

You can then set aside time in your day to open up your Matched Betting email account and find all of the new offers in one place.

Organisation is key in Matched Betting to make sure you can earn maximum profits in a minimum amount of time!

Become even more organised by reading our guide on Matched Betting finances.

How to opt-in to marketing emails

Now you know why it is so important for you to opt-in to the marketing emails, we want to make sure you know exactly how to do this.

Don’t worry it’s extremely easy to do.

As you are completing the signup bonuses, you will be required to enter all of your personal information. Name, Addresses, Age and Email Address (your new separate email address!).

At the very end of the signup process there will be a box to tick asking you whether you want to be contacted by the bookmakers.

Make sure you have opted-in to the email marketing

Above you can see that the bookmaker is giving us the option to opt-in to their marketing and which method we prefer.

Now, of course this is entirely up to you in terms of how you want to receive your marketing as the offers will be the same. However, we highly recommend that you choose email for all bookmakers.


Online bookmakers will regularly send out offers to their customers to keep them betting. We can use the methods of Matched Betting to use these offers to our advantage and continue to earn a side income online.

We need to make sure we are organised and we keep track of all the different offers we receive from the bookmakers. This is why you should create a separate email address dedicated to Matched Betting.

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