Why Bet365 Is The Best Bookmaker For Matched Betting

Bet365 is one of the largest bookmakers in the world with over 35 million players globally and is a must for all Matched Bettors.

Here we are going to run you through some of the offers that makes Bet365 such a great bookmaker.

First let’s find out more about Bet365 and their beginnings.

The history of Bet365

Bet365 was founded in 2000 by Denise Coates with the help of her experienced bookmaker father Peter Coates, who had been running betting shops since 1974. The company came online for punters in March 2001 and rapidly became one of the most popular platforms available.

By 2018, Bet365 were seeing just over £52 billion wagered with revenues of around £2billion.

The Coates family continues to manage the company and are the majority shareholders with Denise owning 50.1% herself. As the Coates family originates from the English city of Stoke-on-Trent, Bet365 are the owners of former Premier League club Stoke City. Peter Coates, who was on the books of Stoke City in the 1950’s is now the Chairman.

Bet365 Stadium home of Stoke City

Now we know a bit more about Bet365, let’s delve into why they're such a great bookmaker to profit from.

Bet365 Signup bonus

When signing up to any bookmaker you will be offered a signup bonus. These bonuses can vary from €10 to as high as €200.

Bet365 offer new customers a bonus up to €/£100 bonus if they bet €/£100 and using the techniques of Matched Betting you can easily earn at least €/80 profit.

Even though there are several bookmakers that offer €100 or sometimes more, Bet365 is very generous with the minimum odds and expiration date.

Bet365 offer new customers €/£100 bonus

As you can see above, to qualify for the €100 bonus, our bets have to be placed on odds above 1.2(⅕). This is an extremely generous odds amount compared to many other bookmakers who offer bonuses to their customers.

If we compare this with another giant online bookmaker Sky Bet, they expect their customers to place bets above 2.0(Evs) in order to qualify for their bonuses.

In the world of sports betting a 0.8 difference in odds is huge and the lower odds we can place, the more profit we will make.

UK Market

For UK customers, the Bet365 signup bonus is the most profitable in the UK market as the other major bookmakers do not offer you a generous welcome offer.

William Hill only offer a £30 bonus

Here is a typical signup bonus that is offered to UK customers. Instead of a bonus in which we can hope to make at least £80 guaranteed, they only offer you a few £10 free bets.

The reason why UK punters do not receive the same bonuses as EU punters is because the UK sports betting industry is far greater and the bookmakers do not wish to offer such generous bonuses to so many customers.

Another reason is that Matched Betting is already very well established in the UK and the majority of the bookmakers want to limit your signup profit as much as they can.

However, Bet365 sets itself apart from the rest of the UK bookmakers and will happily allow any new customer to receive their £100 bonus.

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Bet365 Reload Offers

Once we have signed up, Bet365 continue to be very generous in their offers. In the world of Matched Betting, Bet365 is the home of some of the most profitable offers in the market.

Let us run you through a few of them.


The 2UP offer is arguably the most profitable in Matched Betting as you earn €/£00’s at a time.

The way 2UP works is that Bet365 will payout your bet if the team you back goes two goals ahead.

Hence the term 2UP.

This means that if we back Liverpool to win and they go 2-0 up, our bet would win no matter the full time result. Now, what makes 2UP such a hugely profitable offer is if the team we back throws away their 2 goal lead.

Using the principles of Matched Betting we can profit from both bets that we have placed.

Learn about the basics of Matched Betting


We have placed a BACK bet on Liverpool to win on Bet365.

We have placed a LAY bet on Liverpool to win on a betting exchange.

Liverpool then go 2 goals ahead. Our Back bet on Bet365 has won.

Liverpool them throw away their 2 goal lead and the game ends in a draw or loss.

This result means our LAY bet has also won.

In this scenario we have won both of our bets that we have placed and depending on the stake we have placed we can expect a very nice profit.

Of course the odds of a team throwing away a 2 goal lead isn’t common, however you only have to have a strike rate of less than 5% to still be very profitable.

Matched Bettors have earnt lucratively from the 2UP and continue to do so.

Horse Racing Refund

Horse racing is huge in sports betting and so it is no surprise that bookmakers regularly send out offers to entice punters into betting on it.

The Bet365 Horse racing offer is another example of why Bet365 is at the top for Matched Bettors.

A very common offer by bookmakers is to give their customers a refund if their horse finishes in a certain position; typically 2nd or 3rd. However, even though these offers shouldn’t be ignored and you can definitely profit from them, they only tend to be up to £10.

So if you place a £10 bet on a horse and it finishes 2nd or 3rd then they will refund you your stake.

Bet365 Horse Racing offers exceed their rivals

Bet365 on other hand will reward you with a risk free bet up to £50 if your horse wins.

The only condition is that your horses odds are above 5.0(4/1).

This may seem high and many horses are priced much lower, however anyone who has watched a bit of horse racing knows that odds can sometimes be misleading.

Now if we were again to use the principles of Matched Betting and BACK and LAY a horse - reducing all of the risk, we would stand to earn around £45 if our horse wins.

This profit would come from the £50 risk free bet we would be rewarded. Once we have received the bet we would again BACK and LAY and guarantee ourselves a profit.

UEFA Champions League Midweek Offer

An offer that you may come across when signed up to Bet365 is their Bet & Get offers for major sporting events. When it comes to big sporting occasions, the Champions League, World Cup, Cheltenham Festival, bookmakers have a short time span to encourage you into betting with them.

Again, Bet365 set themselves apart in those moments and offer their customers a huge bonus.

Champions League offer

Above you can see an offer for Bet365 customers during a round of the Champions League. Bet365 will offer you a £50 in-play bet if you place a £50 pre-match bet.

Using the techniques of Matched Betting we can easily make a £40 profit with this offer and Bet365 will send it you for every round of the Champions Leagues fixtures.

Including the final there are 13 rounds of fixtures in the Champions league, which means we can earn £40 x 13 = £520 from just this offer alone.


These offers are the key examples of how great Bet365 can be for Matched Bettors and an example of how much money you can make from only one bookmaker.

As well as these, Bet365 continuously create new and exciting ways to draw punters in and they regularly send out offers to their customers.

If you wish to get started with Bet365, then please join us here at Oddshero and earn your first €/100 bonus.



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