Key Concepts & Essential Terminology

e-book 1

This book is about betting concepts and terminology. We hope that after reading this, you will have an understanding of how sports betting works. We also explain betting and economic terminology in order to understand the world of sports betting.

How Value Betting Works

e-book 2

In this book we explain what value betting is, why value occurs, and why it makes sense to invest in sports betting instead of the stock market. We hope that this eBook gives an explanation on the concept and givingĀ it credibility as a way to earn money.

Optimising Your Value Betting

e-book 3

Once you understand value betting, this eBook is a valuable read to adapt a proper betting strategy. It explains how you can control the risk factors and set your risk level properly. The book also explains what bet size limitation is and how it can be avoided.

Become a Professional Sports Trader

e-book 4

Whether you intend to do sports betting full time or not, this is a valuable read as it teaches you how to improve as a sports bettor. It covers how the starting bankroll and number of trades impact your profit. There's also a section about Jonas Gjelstad, a professional sports trader.