If you are not making a profit in the first month.

Since we launched Trademate in 2016 our users have placed more than 1 million trades at the bookmakers.

We know Trademate works and are so confident in our product that if you are not profitable in the first month you can get a second month for free.

We are doing our part by finding the edges in the markets. In order to be eligible for the discount you also have to put in an effort. To be eligible for the second month for free you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Total Net Profit < €0
  2. Registered a minimum of 500 trades. This does not include:
    • Custom trades
    • Trades you have edited manually.
    • If you have deleted more than 20 Trades
  3. Bets above €100 for Trademate Core and €500 for Trademate Pro will not count

Learn more why it is important to put in so many trades here: Law of large numbers.

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