The recommended starting bankroll is minimum €1,000, and it is highly recommended to spend at least 6 hours a week trading. This could be heavily skewed towards the weekend, when there is a lot of action on.

Attention: You also need to be a resident of Norway, Sweden, or Denmark to sign up with those bookmakers!Value gurantee

  • 3 Bookmakers

    Includes Svenska Spel, Danske Spill & Norsk Tipping.

  • Exploit slow updates

    The 3 national bookmakers usually have quite slow reaction times, so edges will exist for a longer time.

  • A Tool for Bankroll Building

    This plan is a great way to build your initial bankroll, before you step up your trading and expand to other European bookmakers.

  • Support

    You will have direct access to the Trademate team through the Intercom tool. We are on hand to answer any questions or offer support.

  • All subscriptions will automatically auto renew unless cancelled before the their respective time period is up